A 21st century energy company

A few months ago we set out on a mission to become a 21st century energy company.

It’s an exciting vision – a vision in which energy customers can make and store their own energy, better control the energy they use, and more easily manage every aspect of their account.

It’s a long-term vision, but we’ve already made two steps on this journey, which will improve how you view, manage and pay for your energy – moving energy accounts online and billing our customers monthly.

You can find out about both of these below.

Online access to your account

You can now access your Ecotricity account online, from your computer or smartphone. This means you can manage your energy wherever you are, whenever you feel like it.

You can use the online account to do the three most important things you need to do – send us a meter reading, view your bill and pay your bill.

And in the future we’ll be introducing even more good stuff on there too, including the ability to view your energy consumption data.

How do I access my account online?

It’s easy – you just need a username and password to access your account online. Some of our customers already have these – and are submitting their meter readings online using these details, for example.

I have forgotten my username and password – where do I find it?

Simple – just click on this page.

Why have you stopped PDF bills?

PDF bills were always just a stepping stone for us – a way of sending bills electronically before we could get them online.

The advantage of having bills online over PDF format is that they will always be in one place – so you won’t have to search your inbox or trawl through all those separate emails in a folder looking for what you want.

Does this mean you’re no longer sending out paper bills?

That’s what we’d like to do. It’s the 21st century way of doing things! It’s quicker, more convenient, and you’ll always have access to your bills – so no more endless storage of paper bills in drawers and ringbinders.

There’s an environment benefit too – it will help us take most of the paper out of our relationship with our customers, and move us closer to becoming a ‘tree free’ company.

If there’s a reason why a customer needs a paper bill, we’ll of course do that.

And it makes things more efficient for our second big change...

Monthly bills

We’re now billing our customers on a monthly basis. Monthly bills and payment is a modern approach. It’s the way you pay your phone bills and broadband, for example.

Paying a bill once a month makes things more manageable for you and for us.

It helps you to stay in touch with the energy you’re using each month, and means that your account will be kept more up to date.

Plus, monthly bills mean no more big bill surprises at the end of a quarter!

When should I send my meter readings?

We love receiving meter readings as it helps to ensure that bills are always up to date.

You can carry on reading your meter as often as you do at the moment – whenever suits you best. And we’ve made it really easy for you to send us your meter readings online through our online account and app.

It’s a hassle free way of sending us your meter readings.

What happens if I pay by direct debit?

If you pay by variable direct debit, you’ll pay for the energy you’ve used every month instead of every three months. We’ll still send you a bill on the day you’ve already chosen, and we’ll use the same bank account details that we currently hold.

The only thing that’s changed if you use this payment method is that you’ll receive smaller monthly bills – because you’ll have used less energy in one month than you would have used in three.

If you pay by fixed direct debit, to spread your payments evenly across the year, we’ll continue to collect the same amount each month, and you’ll receive a statement every three months letting you know the balance on your account.

And if you currently pay your bills when you receive them with cash, by card or by cheque, you might find it quicker and easier to pay by Direct Debit now that we’re sending bills monthly. You can set one up here.