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Let’s end fossil fuels!

We’re Britain’s greenest energy company. Join us and together we’ll replace fossil fuels with green energy.
The more people who join us, the sooner we’ll get there.
Founders of the Global Green Energy Movement

Truly green energy

Welcome to Britain’s greenest energy company. All our electricity is green, generated at wind and sun parks around Britain. It’s also certified vegan. Our gas is a mix of carbon-neutralised natural gas and sustainable green gas.

What makes us different is that we have no shareholders. So, instead of paying dividends we invest your bills in building new forms of green energy. And, you can be absolutely certain that the energy we supply will not be greenwashed.

Joining Ecotricity is one of the biggest things you can do to help fight climate change.
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Ethical pricing

We’re Britain’s greenest energy company, and one of the fairest.

All our customers start and stay on our latest best price, and there are no contracts or exit fees to tie you in.

Unlike most energy companies, we don’t hook you in with a discount and jack up your tariff after a year or two. There’s no need to worry, haggle or switch. You can read more about our energy tariffs here.

Always here to help

Go digital!

To manage your Ecotricity account log in or use our smartphone app.

Our great digital tools can be used 24/7, but if you need to talk to someone our UK-based customer support team is always ready to help.

More ways to go green

At Ecotricity we do more than just supply energy. We can help you go green in other ways too.

Our Fully Charged bundle saves money for people with electric cars. If you have solar panels, you can export energy with our Microtricity scheme. And, you can manage your home energy more efficiently with a smart meter.

Soon we’ll be inviting anyone with home battery storage to join our smart grids initiative. With Ecotricity you get green energy at a fair price, and the help you need to go green in the 21st century.

What our customers say...

Really great company

Really great company, continually at the forefront of helping us all deal with the Climate Emergency. Great to see the upgrade of the fast charger network is underway. Keep it coming!!

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Julian Marsh, Jun 2021

Ecotricity are an amazing company

Ecotricity are an amazing company. The best energy provider out there in my view. Very competitive, accurate and fair pricing. Awesome, helpful and friendly customer service. Brilliant support network. A truely environmentally aware and concious provider. Very green and ethical. Total renewable, sustainable and vegan energy. I have been with Ecotricity for many years. I will be with them for many more years to come. I get electric and gas from them. I am very happy with their reliability, credentials, credibility and service. Well done Ecotricity! Excellent work! ☺

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Paul James, Mar 2021

Best energy supplier I've ever had

Best energy supplier I've ever had. Genuinely green / renewable & Vegan energy and great customer service. When you call them you speak to a real individual who is pleasant and actually knows what they are doing. (And I get my mobile phone service from them as well - Ecotalk) :-)

Trustpilot logo and stars
Susannah Fanshawe, Mar 2021

We've been fighting climate change for 25 years

When we launched in 1995, we were Britain’s only green energy company and we founded the global green energy movement.

Since then we’ve grown and grown, building wind and solar farms to power homes and businesses across the country. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary we continue to lead the way with pioneering innovations in green energy.

In 2001 we helped Sainsbury's switch to green energy by building a wind turbine to power its distribution depot in East Kilbride, Scotland.
The first wind turbines we built on the North Sea Coast were situated near Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire. We've added many more to our collection.
It's always a proud moment when a new windmill is erected and we can start supplying renewable energy to nearby homes and businesses.
The wind turbine generators Ecotricity has built at Ford's Dagenham plant power not just the office complex, but also supply the diesel engine production line with green energy.
We have added significantly to our wind park near Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, where we capture the energy of the wind blowing off the North Sea and use it to power homes and businesses across Britain.
Former US Vice President Al Gore hands Ecotricity founder Dale Vince the Ashden UK Award for Ecotricity's work in generating sustainable energy.
The credit crunch didn't hold us back. In 2008 we moved forward boldly with our construction plans and also introduced our Green Union Jack.
This image gives you an idea of the scale of the wind turbines we build. This one was built to power a B&Q distribution centre using renewable energy.

Our latest articles...

Vegan Power - yes, we’re still cutting the crap!

In 2018, we became the first energy company in the world to be certified as vegan. And today, we're still the only energy company in the world with certified vegan energy.


Ecotricity completes Electric Highway sale to GRIDSERVE

Ecotricity has today confirmed the sale of its pioneering Electric Highway – the national charging network for electric cars to GRIDSERVE..

Glasgow CLIMATE CLOCK Puts Spotlight on World Leaders ahead of COP26

A light projection in Glasgow city centre will show the rising percentage of the world’s energy generated from renewables, and how fast we need to get to 100%.

The more people who join us, the more we can do to end fossil fuels

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Climate Clock

The Climate Clock is a version of the Doomsday clock that has been running since 1947 - this tracks the risk of global man-made disaster, through man made technology (like nuclear weapons) - displaying the minutes and seconds left before midnight, when disaster strikes. The climate crisis is a small part of the calculations made.
The climate clock uses a similar approach, but, focuses only on the climate crisis - which is the biggest and most urgent existential threat we face.
"The Climate Clock is a countdown to the biggest man-made disaster we face - but also a measure by which we can track our progress - moving from fossil to renewable energy. It shows we have no time to lose - the clock is ticking…" Dale Vince, OBE.
Ecotricity is a sponsor of the Glasgow Climate Clock that will run every night until COP26.