Bills into mills

Bills into mills is our way of describing our model. We’re not for dividend and we don’t have any shareholders, so we’re free to take the money we make from our customers energy bills and use it to build new sources of green energy like windmills, sunmills and – soon – green gasmills. We’re the only green energy company with this unique model. 

By joining us, your bill money will go towards building new sources of green energy, maintaining existing green energy sources and researching new technologies – so you can be assured that you are getting the greenest outcome for your energy bill.

For every unit of energy you use with us, we make sure we put a unit of green energy into the grid – so you’ll be helping to change the way energy is made and used in Britain, just by being with us.

We’re proud to be Britain’s greenest energy company, our electricity is 100% green – and our gas is carbon neutralised. Our green electricity is made from only renewable source like the wind, the sun and the sea. Our gas is made from organic material and, soon, grass! And until we can provide 100% green gas, we are offsetting the residual carbon emissions from the rest of our supply by investing in carbon reduction schemes across the globe.

We believe that the answer to the climate crisis is to change the way energy is made and used in Britain. Our unique bills into mills model means that by building new sources of renewable energy and harnessing the power from wind energy and solar power our customers are fighting climate change every time they pay their energy bill.

Watch Dale Vince (our founder) explain how bills into mills works below.