World car free day, with a depiction of a young woman riding a bike and a city landscape behind her
21 September 2018

Ditch the car and put power to the pedal

It’s World Car Free Day (22 September)! To celebrate, we chatted to one of our Staff Writers, Emma, about how she avoids cars and prefers pedal power.

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Ecotricity virtual power plant featuring solar farm and wind turbine
2 May 2018

Ecotricity and Next Kraftwerke partner to create a greener grid

Britain’s greenest energy company has formed a partnership with Next Kraftwerke to create and operate a 'Smart Grid’.

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Ecotricity and The Climate Coalition Speak Up Week in white speech bubble
30 April 2018

How you can Speak Up for the climate

What if we told you that you could help create a world safe from climate change right now, without even leaving your neighbourhood? The Climate Coalition is asking people in all corners of the country to speak up for a cleaner future by joining their Speak Up week from 30 June to 8 of July.

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Sarah Davis' sketches for Forest Green Rover's Hare-y Kane green hare sculpture
27 April 2018

Hare-y Kane joins FGR

The world’s greenest football club, Forest Green Rovers, has made a huge signing for the summer – a 5ft sculpture called Hare-y Kane - who looks set to take The New Lawn by storm.

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Boy wearing a blue t-shirt holding a millipede in his arm
27 April 2018

Ecotricity to celebrate UK wildlife at the Festival of Nature

Britain’s greenest energy company, Ecotricity, will talk about renewables, bees and saving the planet at the Festival of Nature in Bristol this summer.

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24 April 2018

Try our vegan pizza

We’ve been serving delicious pizza at Forest Green for a few years now, and it's always a huge hit with fans. As with all food at FGR and Ecotricity - it’s tasty, wholesome and of course, always vegan.

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Around the world in four days, Ecotricity sponsor WOMAD festival 2018. Woman in bandana plays sitar on stage.
20 April 2018

Around the world in four days

The amazing WOMAD festival returns this year to Charlton Park in Malmesbury (26 - 29 July). It’s one of the most mind-blowing festivals you’ll ever go to – nowhere else will you see musicians from Belgium to Brazil and a host of countries in between. It really is like travelling around the world in music.  

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Girl on Father's shoulders at WOMAD festival watching a band from the crowd at the main stage
19 April 2018

Green Party to talk Brexit, refugees and building bridges at Ecotricity event

Britain’s greenest energy company, Ecotricity, will host a Q&A on Brexit and refugees with senior members of the Green Party at WOMAD Festival this summer.

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Ecotricity's guide to garden bees with image of a bee on a flower viewed through a magnifying glass
18 April 2018

How to spot Britain’s bees

There are hundreds of bee species in the UK, and you don’t need to be an expert to spot some amazing ones here in Britain. Paul, our Digital Community Manager, loves little insects, and as our resident bee boff, he gave us a run-down of a few we might be lucky enough to see.

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Close up photograph of Forest Green Rovers' award winning vegan shortcrust Q pie on a white rectangular plate
13 April 2018

FGR launches search for new chef to deliver pioneering vegan menu

Forest Green Rovers is on the hunt for a new head chef to continue the club’s revolutionary work as the world’s first vegan football club.

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Ecotricity's Principal Ecologist Simon Pickering standing against a brick wall bird watching through a pair of binoculars
11 April 2018

My RSPB Weekend – with Simon Pickering

A brief history of climate change... Find out what our Principal Ecologist Simon Pickering had to say when he spoke at the RSPB Weekend.

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