Ecotricity’s gas receives Vegan Society registration
13 November 2018

Ecotricity’s gas receives Vegan Society registration

Ecotricity – the world’s first green energy company, has today announced its green gas supply to homes and businesses is now recognised as vegan – alongside its green electricity, which received registration from The Vegan Society earlier this year.

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ANS logo - PoweredByEcotricity
12 July 2018

ANS – Powered by Ecotricity

We love working with companies that do all they can to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the best ways to cut your emissions is by being powered by Britain’s greenest energy company. We chatted with ANS, the UK’s number one cloud services provider, to find out what green steps they take and why Ecotricity is the perfect choice for a sustainable business future.

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Two people lie in the sun at Larmer Tree Festival. A graphic of two colourful cups reads vegan food.
10 July 2018

Veggie and vegan treats aplenty at Larmer Tree

Larmer Tree Festival is approaching fast and, if you’re going, you’ll have a lot of things on your list to see and experience. Just so you don’t miss it, we wanted to give you a quick heads up about the veggie and vegan refreshments on offer. We asked the folks at Larmer Tree to make some recommendations.

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Jon Snow to lead fracking discussion at WOMAD
6 July 2018

Ecotricity to discuss fracking fight at WOMAD

How can we combat the looming threat of fracking in Britain? Anti-fracking experts will be discussing what we can do to fight it at WOMAD festival this summer, in a special Ecotricity event hosted by Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow.

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Ecotricity launch vegan electricity
4 July 2018

Animals in energy shock – the secret ingredient in your gas and electricity

In over half of Britain’s homes, millions of ethical consumers – the growing legion of vegans, vegetarians and those concerned with animal rights are unknowingly powering their lives with electricity and gas made using the by-products of the meat and dairy industries, including animal body parts. 

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New mobile service fights Wildlife Armageddon
26 June 2018

New mobile service fights Wildlife Armageddon

A new mobile phone service called Ecotalk has launched to reverse the massive decline in Britain’s insect numbers by buying farmland and giving it back to nature.

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The Chalfest logo in red sits on a pale pink background.
22 June 2018

Ecotricity to bring flower power to Chalfest

Ecotricity will bring flower power to Chalfest this summer by planting bird and bee friendly sunflowers with children for them to take home and grow.

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Ecotricity and Fully Charged Live logos on a dark blue background with a green Nemesis outline screeching across the bottom of the image
20 June 2018

Ecotricity at Fully Charged Live

Fully Charged Live, the electric vehicle and renewable energy event of the year, took place at Silverstone earlier this month. Our IT Infrastructure Engineer, Gareth Edwards, manned Ecotricity’s display at the show, and talked EVs, sustainability, and the Nemesis, the UK’s fastest electric vehicle.

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Could gamification help electric vehicles unlock Britain's smart energy grid
20 June 2018

Could gamification help electric vehicles unlock Britain’s smart energy grid?

A new £400,000 government funded project will start work this month to investigate whether gamification, including virtual currencies, competitions and raffles, can encourage electric car drivers to engage with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologies – and be a part of Britain’s smart energy grid future.

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A Norfolk Gin branded Twizy on a crisp, white backdrop with the words Powered By Ecotricity.
20 June 2018

Norfolk Gin - Powered by Ecotricity

We love working with businesses that take sustainability to heart. Norfolk Gin do just that, while producing beautiful green-tinted, botanical (wait for it) gin, handcrafted in (you guessed it!) Norfolk. We spoke to their Director and Chief Gin Maker, Jonathan, who told us all about how their gin’s not just green in colour.

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Larmer Tree festival branding including a disco ball and an illustration of a fox playing the cello. Discover Larmer Tree with Ecotricity in the centre of the image in pink
19 June 2018

Party like it’s 1899 at Larmer Tree Festival

Deep in the ancient woodlands of the Cranbourne Chase lie the Larmer Tree Gardens. During their first creation in Victorian times, music and entertainment were important features, with singing, plays and poetry recitals entertaining over 44,000 visitors a year by 1899. In the evening the gardens were illuminated by thousands of lights, and there was dancing in the open air. The novelist and poet, Thomas Hardy, described it as “quite the prettiest sight I ever saw in my life”. However, following the death of the owner in 1900, the gardens closed.

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