Phoebe in a make-up studio standing next to her face paints with studio lights around her
19 July 2018

2018: A Face Odyssey

Ecotricity people love to deliver our green message every day. And we love that so many of them have rich and varied skills and talents. Phoebe works in our Home Moves department and has been with us for nearly two years. In that time, she’s also been running a fantastic face painting business which, luckily for us, means we get her great skills at a number of our events. We chatted with Phoebe recently to find out more.

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Ecotricity's Olga Przysuszynska in the office talking about after work yoga classes
23 March 2018

Slow down and breathe

At Ecotricity we’re really lucky to have people who are passionate about our mission to make Britain greener. They really help us to do more when it comes to spreading the green message, and we love to support them whenever possible as they pursue their own goals.

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Ecotricity staff Alex Parnham Cope standing in office
22 March 2018

Forty days and nights

We’ve partnered with the excellent charity CAFOD, supporting their annual Lent appeal to raise money for people living in poverty around the world.

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Ecotricity's Green Britain Centre at Swaffham with wind turbine
21 March 2018

Back to the green future at The Green Britain Centre

In January 2014, we introduced something quite new to Britain – an educational visitor centre that gives people a glimpse of how a sustainable Britain of the future might look.

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Aerial view of Forest Green Rovers FC New Lawn stadium in Nailsworth
14 March 2018

Forest Green Rovers win Sustainability in Sport Award

Forest Green Rovers have beaten Manchester City and Lords Cricket Ground to be awarded the first ever ‘Green Heart Hero’ Sustainability in Sport Award, by the Climate Coalition at a ceremony in Parliament.

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Rob Cooling kneeling with black dog in front of electric car
9 March 2018

Power to the EV people

We’ve got some pretty amazing customers at Ecotricity. As well as choosing green energy, there are those who go a whole lot further too – a real driving force behind the green revolution. We launched the Electric Highway in 2011, creating the UK’s first motorway network of charging points for electric vehicles. It’s now possible to drive from Lands End to John O’Groats!

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Selection of Tideford Organics products including vegan basil pesto, vegan ragu, beetroot soup and miso soup, powered by Ecotricity
8 March 2018

Tideford Organics get even greener with energy from Ecotricity

The vegan food company Tideford Organics has taken the next step in its sustainable journey by switching to Britain’s leading green energy company, Ecotricity, who provide 100% green electricity generated from the wind and the sun.

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Carly Hulme in an office chair talking about Women in STEM science, tech, engineering and maths
8 March 2018


There’s a strong global momentum striving for gender parity right now. International Women’s Day arrives at a very appropriate time – and it kicks off the campaign for the year ahead.

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Ecotricity's Amy Hill profile discussing her plastic free challenge
8 March 2018

Fake plastic seas

The catastrophic impact of plastic pollution on the environment is becoming more and more widely known. New evidence is literally piling up, revealing the true extent of the plastic problem. Things have got to change. From large plastic items entangling marine life to micro plastics being found in the deepest parts of the ocean, our seas are suffocating.

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Ecotricity's Abi Holmes interviewing in the office for National Apprenticeship Week
7 March 2018

You’re hired! The first ever Ecotricity office apprentice!

We’re on a mission to change the world – so we’re always looking for awesome people who want to make a difference with their day job. This year, we launched our very first Ecotricity apprenticeship scheme here in Stroud. It means we can help to develop talented young people with potential – giving them an on the job insight into how we’re fighting climate change at every level of our organisation, at the same time as they continue to study for professional qualifications.


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Ecotricity People:Power Katie Piercy in a blue hat peering out of a hollow tree trunk
6 March 2018

People:Power - Katie

It’s only with the help of our amazing customers that we’re able to pursue our mission for a greener Britain, so we spoke to one of our Eco Heroes on supply, who’s working hard to put the environment first. 

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