Norfolk Gin - Powered by Ecotricity

20 June 2018

We love working with businesses that take sustainability to heart. Norfolk Gin do just that, while producing beautiful green-tinted, botanical (wait for it) gin, handcrafted in (you guessed it!) Norfolk. We spoke to their Director and Chief Gin Maker, Jonathan, who told us all about how their gin’s not just green in colour.

“We make a lot of deliveries in the local area, and this got us thinking about the amount of emissions we were producing and how we could reduce them. The answer was an electric vehicle and in December 2017 we purchased a Renault Twizy Cargo, a one-seater electric van. As electric vehicles go, it’s pretty small, but it’s a fabulous urban vehicle which can go up to 50mph on the open road - it’s perfect for local deliveries.

“After getting the Twizy, I very quickly got used to the joy of electric motoring and leased a BMW i3 to do the longer or more bulky trips. It was great to know I wasn’t polluting the air around me, but the next step was to ensure the electricity powering these vehicles was emission free too, so I switched to Ecotricity as my supplier.

“My latest trip covered 230 miles, but that was no problem at all. With the Electric Highway I was able to charge twice, easily and quickly at Birchanger Electric Highway pumps – it’s a great and reliable service.

“Switching to electric vehicles has saved me money every month and customers like to know there are no emissions. Thanks to Ecotricity and their 100% renewable electricity I can be sure that’s the case.”

With a wide range of EVs now available and the Electric Highway to hand, it’s easier than ever to reduce your transport emissions. And as Jonathan says, with green electricity supplied by Britain’s greenest energy company, you’re safe in the knowledge that it’s green from start to finish.


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