For The Road

The Electric Highway enables electric vehicle drivers to travel the length and breadth of Britain – completely emissions free.

The most comprehensive charging network in Europe, we have around 300 electricity pumps in Britain, covering the motorway network and beyond.

We provided free EV charging on the Electric Highway for five years, before moving to a 'charging for charging' model in the summer of 2016 so that we could continue to improve and expand the network.

A 30 minute fast charge on the network now costs £6 – and all you need to do to access and use the entire network is download the Electric Highway app here.

The network is still free for Ecotricity energy customers, subject to our fair usage policy.

Have a look at our map to see your closest electricity pump.

Our Charging network map

Download the app here and enjoy access to the Electric Highway.

Electric Highway App

Take a look at our map to see 
all of our hundreds of electricity pump locations.

Our Electric Highway

Before you head over to one of our electricity pumps, there are three things you need to do.

Charge Your Vehicle

Ecotricity customers get  free use of the Electric Highway, as well as a discount just for owning an EV.

At Home And On The Road