For electric vehicles

The Electric Highway is our national electric vehicle charging network, with EV chargers located up and down Britain's motorways. That means no more EV range anxiety - just find your nearest charging station with our Electric Highway app, and top up your battery when you need to.

And with our Fully charged Bundle, you can get 100% green electricity at a cheaper rate - plus half price charging on the Electric Highway.

Powered by 100% green electricity

Transport is the leading contributor to climate change in the UK, so we want to make the transition to emissions free travel as easy as possible.

That’s why our Electric Highway offers faster charging, discounted pricing, and is powered by 100% green electricity. This means your EV will be running on power generated from the wind and the sun, making your travel completely sustainable.

On the road charging

With more than 300 electricity pumps around the UK, electric vehicle drivers can now travel the length and breadth of Britain, totally emissions free. Find out how to charge your EV.

If you’re an Ecotricity green energy customer, you’ll benefit from half price charging on the Electric Highway. And you could also save on your electricity bills with our Fully Charged Green Electricity + EV tariff.

How to switch

You can switch to our EV tariff online and only takes a few seconds. Start saving and powering your EV with green energy today.