Britain's greenest energy company

Being Britain’s greenest energy company is not just about supplying green energy.

The energy we supply – 100% green electricity and frack-free green gas – is some of the very greenest in the industry. But we go much further than that.

First, we’re the only energy company in the world to have EMAS accreditation. EMAS – or the Eco Management and Audit scheme – is the gold standard for environmental management.

It means we know the footprint of everything we do – the greenness of literally everything that goes into supplying our energy to our customers, from site selection and planning through to construction, maintenance and the running of our offices.

By this measure, we have the lowest carbon footprint, per customer, of any supplier in Britain. We report this every year, and you can find it on our website here.

Britain's greenest energy company

Our business model is unique too – we harness our customers’ energy bills in order to build new sources of green energy in Britain. We call it turning ‘bills into mills’, and because we have no external shareholders to answer to, we’re free to dedicate ourselves our mission, building new sources of green energy and changing the way energy is made and used in Britain.

We make around a fifth of the electricity we supply ourselves from our own wind and sunmills – and the rest we buy from other green sources.

Green gas is a relatively new idea, and our gas is 12% green this year. This will increase as we start to build our quite revolutionary Green Gasmills. We have planning permission to build our first Green Gasmill – so the green gas revolution is underway. And until our gas is 100% green, like our electricity is, it comes with a frack-free promise – we’ll never source any gas from shale, and we’ll never invest in fracking.

Our aim is to eventually make all of our electricity and gas ourselves – the more new green energy mills we build, the closer we get.

Last updated: October 2017

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