Our complaints performance

Every year we publish a Complaints Report, where we look at the number of complaints we received across the year (from October to September), why we received them, and what we can do to improve our performance. You can read our full report in the link on this page. 

Our quarterly results

Our annual complaints give you the best overall indicator of our complaints performance, but you can see how many complaints we received and resolved each quarter in the table below too.

(Q1 = January to March, Q2 = April to June, Q3 = July to September, Q4 = October to December)


PeriodComplaints receivedReceived per 100K accountsComplaints resolvedResolved per 100K accountsResolved same or next working dayResolved within 8 weeks
Q3 20191269786122275752%98%
Q2 20191271771124875755%99%
Q1 20191428867142886756%96%
Q4 201890046186344256%95%
Q3 201866439173943649%92%
Q2 201869841872643450%92%
Q1 201880946873242358%97%
Q4 201790852793354253%98.75%
Q3 201773438763833651%86.92%
Q2 201757729759730875%95.15%
Q1 201758932359532768%97.28%
Q4 201651229753431060%96.48%
Q3 201663337462136743%94.31%
Q2 201649930246628247%95%
Q1 201650931352832568%100%
Q4 201543327342827385%100%
Q3 201542028641728684%100%
Q2 201570547270547284%100%
Q1 201581358281358285%100%
Q4 201456641856641881%100%
Q3 201449339949339992%100%


Top reasons for complaints

We also categorise all of the complaints we receive so we can see exactly where we need to improve to make our customer service even better. Here are the main reasons our customers have complained, as a percentage of the total complaints we received.


Q3 2019

Q2 2019Q1 2019Q4 2018Q3 2018Q2 2018Q1 2018Q4 2017Q3 2017Q2 2017Q1 2017Q4 2016Q3 2016Q2 2016Q1 2016
Customer service30%30%22%18%16%11%12%10%10%7%8%9%13%33%30%
Credit Management7%6%6%6%9%4%3%3%6%9%7%8%11%15%9%
Payments5%8%6%7%6%6%4%7%6%8%7% 8%8%7%11%
Customer set up2%2%2%2%2%7%7%8%5%8%10%7%7%  
  • Billing: Including challenges to bill amounts, understanding information on bills, and queries relating to tariffs
  • Customer Service: Feedback about the information we provide or the actions we take when our customers call us, write to us or send us an email
  • Credit Management: Relating to overdue bills and payment plans
  • Payments: Covering payments, refunds and Direct Debits
  • Prepayment/Pay As You Go: all queries relating to installing or running prepayment meters, including voluntary or forced installation, debt, top up cards and keys etc
  • Metering: all issues relating to meters, such as appointments, loss of supply, meter exchanges, cost of meter tests etc
  • Customer set up: Regarding new customer details, including sign up information and meter details
  • Communications/Correspondence: This includes issues around any marketing material, and any communications to customers either written or verbal
  • Transfers: Relating to home moves, for both customer leaving us and new customers moving into a property we supply.

What we’re doing to improve our service

To further improve our service, we introduced online account access for our customers last year – for their desktop or smartphone. You can now submit your meter readings, and view and pay your bills online – wherever you are and whenever you feel like it.

On top of that, we’ve also begun our Smart meter rollout, which will eliminate the biggest bugbear for all energy customers – billing and meter reading. On average, around 90 per cent of all energy supply problems in the UK relate to billing and meter readings. Smart meters will ensure bills are always accurate and never estimated, and customers will no longer have to submit meter readings, or wait for someone to come and read their meter either. 

These two things are a key part of our evolution into a 21st century energy company.

You can find out more about our complaints procedure, or read our complaints code of practice. If you require a hard copy of our code of practice, please call us on 0345 555 7 100

And check out our previous complaint reports for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017:

Annual complaints report

You can view or download a PDF copy of our 2018 report.

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