Our green energy

Our green electricity is generated from only renewable sources like the sun, the wind and the sea.

We’re the only energy supplier in the world to be certified by The Vegan Society and Viva! for providing vegan energy, so our energy mix is free from fossil fuels and animal by-products.

Our green gas is made from organic material, and in the future, grass too. We plan to grow the percentage of our green gas supply by building our own green gasmills. Until then we’ll be offsetting the residual carbon emissions from the rest of our supply, by investing in carbon reduction schemes across the globe..

We don't just supply green energy, we make it ourselves. We use the money from our customers bills to build new sources of renewable energy like windmills and sunmills, we’re the only green energy supplier in Britain who operate this unique model which we like to call ‘bills-into-mills’.

Green energy can make Britain energy independent, create sustainable green jobs and industry, and deliver a Green Britain.

When you join Ecotricity, you’ll get the greenest outcome for your energy bill.