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Shared values

We support CND’s campaign for nuclear disarmament, but our aims most obviously overlap on the issue of nuclear power.

One of CND’s objectives is the closure of the nuclear power industry: they want to stop the building of new nuclear power stations and to replace nuclear with renewable energy.

Britain’s greenest energy company

That’s where we, as Britain's greenest energy company, come in – supplying 100% green electricity and carbon neutral gas.

There are three great reasons to join us. You get:

  • Truly green energy – we supply 100% green electricity and carbon neutralised gas, and will use your bill money to build new sources of green energy in Britain.

  • We're always here to help – great digital tools to manage your account 24/7, UK-based customer support and we can help you go green beyond your energy supply.

  • Ethical pricing – which means every customer is on our latest best price.

But they're not the only reasons to switch.

Green energy vs nuclear weapons

There’s also a less obvious connection between green energy and nuclear weapons.

There's a lot of evidence to suggest that the government’s endorsement of nuclear energy is not related to energy at all but that investment in nuclear energy production maintains the country’s nuclear-specific skills which are essential for maintaining Britain’s nuclear weapons.

It’s quite disturbing to think that some of the energy in our homes is really a by-product of the nuclear weapons industry! It seems possible if you consider the incredibly costly and unsafe way that nuclear energy generates electricity – why else would they choose nuclear over renewable energy?

Switch to green energy

By choosing green energy from Ecotricity, you’re not just taking one of the single biggest steps you can to cut your climate-changing emissions. You’re also helping CND achieve their aim of a world without nuclear weapons.

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