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Earthfest 2024

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By Lucy Jenkins
8 May 2024

Earthfest, a monumental event spanning four days, captivated audiences with its celebration of environmental consciousness and collective action. It was not merely a festival but a convergence of minds, a platform for change, and a beacon of hope for a sustainable future. 

At its core, Earthfest was a testament to collaboration. Over 50 businesses, 100 keynote speakers, and 30 schools came together in a remarkable display of unity, each contributing their expertise and passion towards a common goal. The result was an unparalleled experience, where attendees were immersed in a world of climate-related topics, innovative solutions, and inspiring narratives. 

Central to Earthfest's success was its diverse lineup of speakers, whose insights and expertise resonated deeply with the audience. From renowned environmentalists to grassroots activists, each speaker brought a unique perspective, igniting conversations and sparking ideas for change. Ruth Andrade, Head of Environment at Lush, was there to discuss how their business follows a sustainable model in the beauty industry, saying: “we’ve been with Ecotricity for 15 years now and all our stores are supplied by 100% green renewable energy”

The exhibition, too, was a sight to behold, offering a sensory journey (lots of taster drinks and snacks!) through the latest advancements in sustainability and environmental technology.  

earthfest eco stand

What made Earthfest truly remarkable was its commitment to accessibility. Recognising the importance of inclusivity, organisers made all tickets for the weekend events free of charge, inviting everyone to participate. Attendees were also given the opportunity to support The Camden Clean Air Initiative, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving air quality in the Borough of Camden. Through donations, Earthfest not only raised funds but also raised awareness about the urgent need to address air pollution and its impact on communities. 

In the heart of The Expo Tent, surrounded by like-minded individuals and businesses, we found ourselves in a thriving ecosystem of innovation and inspiration. People from all walks of life came together, united by a shared commitment to creating a more sustainable future. Throughout the event, we witnessed firsthand the power of community and the potential for collective action to drive meaningful change. Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince, was at the event sharing key pieces of information on this: 

“What are the big problems? fossil fuels and animal agriculture. They manifest in our lives in three ways, energy, transport and food. 80% of all our personal carbon footprints in this room come from those three things. Look to how you power yourself, look to how you travel and look to what you eat. See what you can do to reduce waste and reduce use. We all spend money every day on these things, and the money we spend dictates which way the world goes round. There's more power in this than we think”. 

earthfest dale

The enthusiasm and engagement of attendees were palpable, as evidenced by the multitude of thought-provoking questions and discussions that took place. From the intricacies of renewable energy to the complexities of environmental policy, no topic was off-limits. It was a testament to the curiosity and passion of those in attendance, each eager to learn and contribute to the conversation. 

One particularly memorable moment was the shared vision of Sadiq Khan and Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince, two individuals whose dedication to environmental stewardship brought them together on stage. Their commitment to sustainability and green initiatives served as a powerful reminder that change begins with individuals but is amplified through collaboration and partnership.  

Dale shared some valuable knowledge, saying: “in order to solve all these problems we face, the climate crisis, the decline globally of wildlife, and the human health crisis. To solve all of those we need to do two things, stop burning fossil fuels and stop eating animals. The burning of fossil fuels is not just for power stations, it’s also for transport, so we can electrify those two sectors. Save the animals, save ourselves.” 

earthfest dale sadiq thumb

As the event drew to a close, the excitement continued with Dale's book signing, offering attendees the opportunity to delve deeper into the ideas and inspiration shared throughout Earthfest. It was a fitting conclusion to a weekend filled with learning, inspiration, and the promise of a brighter, more sustainable future. 

earthfest dale signing

In the end, Earthfest was more than just an event - it was a rallying cry for action, a celebration of progress, and a reminder of the collective power we possess to shape the world around us. As we reflect on the experiences shared and the connections made, let us carry forward the spirit of Earthfest, embracing our role as stewards of the planet and champions for change. Together, we can build a future that is not only sustainable but thriving for generations to come. In the words of Dale, “I only see hope. We can change everything, there's nothing we can't change”. These words resonate deeply with the essence of Earthfest, reminding us that no challenge is insurmountable and that our collective action can truly transform the world. 

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