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Rewarding our customers

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21 Aug 2023

We love telling all our customers about the great projects we’re up to and how the Ecotricity Group are creating a greener Britain. Whether they’re creating vegan food at Devil’s Kitchen or running the world’s greenest football club at Forest Green Rovers, the Ecotricity Group are always using innovative ways as businesses to tackle the climate crisis.

We recently ran a Loyalty Draw competition where we rewarded our most loyal customers with some amazing prizes. One prize was the chance to join us on an Eco Tour – where we visited Devil’s Kitchen, Skydiamond, Britwind, Forest Green Rovers and Lynch Knoll (our very first windmill).

David and Viv were two of the lucky winners of this prize, and we caught up with them about how they enjoyed their tour with us.

How long have you been an Ecotricity customer?

We’ve been customers of Ecotricity for 11 years.

Why did you decide to join Ecotricity?

We were interested in reducing our carbon footprint and supporting a smaller provider that cared more than the big firms.  After several years, we continue to think that you are the best energy provider.

Did you enjoy the tour and what was your favourite part?

We both enjoyed the exceptionally interesting tour round five very different enterprises and sites.  Lunch at, and the tour round Forest Green Rovers was also very welcome!

It was really interesting to meet many of the people involved, hear how the businesses had been built up, and find out how many different green schemes you are working on.  

Our favourite was the Skydiamond factory - an astonishing carbon negative application of green technology, with beautiful results.

We wish you all well and wish that we could have more businesses and companies like yours!

Watch the video below to get a taste of the day, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for any future Ecotricity competitions.

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