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Uncovered: Murdered hunt dogs powering our homes

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2 Feb 2022

In news set to shock a nation of animal lovers, murdered hunt dogs are being used to power British homes – as found by an undercover investigation carried out by the green energy company Ecotricity, in association with ITV News at 10.

The story, revealed exclusively in a ITV News Report comes from a six-month undercover investigation funded by Ecotricity’s founder, Dale Vince.

Puppies and adult dogs (typically aged 5) that are deemed unsuitable for hunting are shot and thrown in bins that are taken to power stations. Footage showed foxes, badgers and partridges (from shoots) also being dumped into bins.

The resulting electricity is being supplied to homes and businesses by several providers – including British Gas and Eon.

Captured covertly over a six-month period in 2021, the footage also uncovered evidence of animal cruelty and multiple rule breaches. A kennel worker was filmed bouncing on the stomach of a dead cow while making a phone call, while another drove a quad bike back and forth over a dead cow. The footage was so shocking that ITV had to show its report after the watershed. All video has been handed over to the Police for investigation.

Back in 2018, Ecotricity uncovered the fact that animal ‘by-products’ from factory farms (the bodies of pigs, cows and fish) were being used to make electricity and gas. Ecotricity has always excluded energy made this way and sought certification to make this clear - in the process becoming the world’s only vegan certified energy company – recognised both by the Vegan Society and Viva! – the vegan charity.

Dale Vince, Founder of Ecotricity said:

“We identify as a nation of animal lovers – we love cats and dogs. It was only a few weeks ago that our Prime Minister stepped into personally save the lives of less than 200 dogs and cats from potential harm at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Meanwhile many thousands of dogs suffer in our country at the hands of the hunting fraternity. I wonder if he’ll intervene to save them?”

“Millions of Brits will be shocked and disgusted to discover how hunts are treating their dogs and will be horrified to find out their lights might be puppy powered.”

Following the investigation, a crowd funder to support further investigations into cruelty at hunt kennels has been launched – with Dale Vince pledging to match every pound donated.

Donate to the crowd funder

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