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Our two new hybrid energy parks have launched today

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21 Dec 2022

Today, on Winter Solstice, we’re delighted to announce the opening of two hybrid Wind and Sun energy parks in Bulkworthy, Devon and Dalby, Leicestershire. Together they will power over 15,500 homes daily.

Whatever the weather, our new hybrid energy parks will be able to produce reliable, renewable power for the UK, and we all know that the British weather can be very unpredictable. They are even able to harness the light from the moon to generate power!

Watch a special video message from Dale, and see our hybrid energy park at Bulkworthy below

At Bulkworthy, the site stretches across two farms which feeds into one substation near Stibbs Cross in North Devon. The Wind Park was first commissioned in 2014 with four windmills, and now the Sun Park adjacent is adding nearly 15,000 solar panels to the mix.

In Dalby, the site has nine windmills and is pumping out 13 million units of green electricity every year. Now, 16,000 solar panels have been added. At both sites, hedgerows and grassland will be planted to support and boost local diversity.

Investing in green energy contributes up to 1.7 times more to the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) than the equivalent in fossil fuels. One billion pounds invested can contribute £1.9bn to UK GDP if invested in solar - and only £1.1bn if invested in fossil fuels.

So, wind and sun parks not only benefit our environment but also the finances of the country. If we invest in wind and solar, this can also create jobs in manufacturing, construction, professional, scientific and technical activities, as well as boosting the UK’s energy security and decarbonising the grid.

Our founder Dale Vince shares his thoughts on this exciting news:

“Launching our hybrid energy parks, on the shortest day of the year, could not be more timely - we are deeply into an energy security crisis that has exacerbated an existing energy price crisis. We, also, urgently need to deal with the role of energy in the climate crisis. 

The Government is pursuing a series of absurd solutions to these problems; chasing new sources of fossil fuels from the North Sea and even from new coal mines - and more nuclear power. None of these are the answer. Our dependence on fossil fuels is the root cause of our twin energy crises, and of course the climate crisis.  

It will be ten years at least before a new nuclear project can contribute anything to the grid and when it does finally come it will be power that costs twice as a much as power from the wind or the sun.

In contrast we can harness Britain’s abundant wind and sun, with no public money required and make ourselves energy independent and push energy bills down permanently.  All we need is the Government to make the planning system equal for all forms of energy generation - by removing the obstacles they placed in the way of onshore renewable energy.”

We’re the world’s first green energy company, and we’re continuing to create a greener Britain with our new hybrid Wind and Sun parks. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and how these sites are playing their part in fighting climate change.

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