Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

If you make your own green energy, and you’ve got a generation capacity of more than 250kW, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) could help you get the best price when you sell your energy on.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, is a contract for generating and selling your own energy. It lets you sell the energy you generate to us, so we can sell it on to homes and businesses, while offering you the best price.

We specialise in PPAs for renewable energy generated from wind, hydro, solar, anaerobic digestion, tidal and wave power. But we can also help if you make your green energy another way.

What type of PPA can you get?

We’ve got bespoke options for every type of green energy generation – whether you’ve got several installations or just one, and whether you want a fixed price or more flexibility.

We can even help if your generation’s not up and running yet, with a New Connections team that specialises in import and export meter installations.

Our team will help maximise your return, and we manage every subsidy mechanism including:

  • Feed-in Tariff (FiT)
  • Renewables Obligation (RO)
  • Contracts for Difference (CfD) for electricity generation
  • Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO) & BMC for gas generation

How to find the best PPA deal for you

The right PPA deal for you will depend on your generation capacity, and how you want to get paid for your energy production. But you can choose from a variety of price options, including:

Variable PPA 

With a variable PPA, you get paid the live market rates for your energy. This means you can take advantage of price spikes in the market, getting the best price available – but you’re also subject to drops in market price.

Fixed PPA 

We’ve got a range of fixed PPA deals, which set a competitive price for your power over a time period that works for you.

Get paid for flexibility too

We also offer financial rewards for any flexibility you can offer in your generation. In other words, we’ll give you extra payments if you can increase or decrease your generation depending on the needs of the grid.

And we’ll provide the technology to manage this as part of our Virtual Power Plant – making you part of a collective of generators and businesses, working together to deliver a stable grid and a better price for your energy.  

To make sure you get the best option for your generation, contact smartgrids@ecotricity.co.uk or call 01453 790172.