Carbon neutral gas

We’re in the middle of a climate emergency. That’s why we're investing in new forms of green energy and making our gas carbon neutral.

We intend to grow the percentage of green gas we supply by building green gasmills – the first of their kind to make biogas from grass! Not only will our gasmills generate 100% green gas, they’ll provide a viable alternative to fracking in Britain.

And until we can provide 100% green gas, we’ll be offsetting the residual carbon emissions from the rest of our supply, by investing in carbon reduction schemes across the globe.

Carbon offsetting means that for every tonne of CO2 we emit, we’ll save the equivalent tonne by supporting projects that protect the environment, or provide communities with clean energy.

We calculate the CO2 emissions from the gas we supply using DEFRA guidelines – this covers the carbon that is emitted when the gas is consumed.  From September 2019 we’re accruing funds for every unit of non-green gas we supply, and at the end of our financial year we’ll be offsetting all of these emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects, verified by one of these internationally recognised standards, the Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard, or the UNFCC’s Clean Development Mechanism.

Carbon neutrality will help combat climate change, while caring for local communities by providing much needed biodiversity, education, jobs, and food security.

By switching to Ecotricity, you’re not just taking the single biggest step to reduce your personal carbon footprint. You’re leading the fight against fracking, and supporting other communities around the world to access clean energy.