Swaffham II, Norfolk

The good people of Swaffham liked their first windmill so much that their Town Council asked us to build another one.

And when it hadn’t happened quickly enough for their liking they wrote to us to complain…..we kid you not.

It tickled us, to be nagged by a council to build a windmill.

We were of course happy to oblige, but these things take a little longer than we often hope. In this case the District Council stood in the way and forced an appeal, by public inquiry. We have no idea why. Then they pulled out at the last minute. Crazy people.

It’s a great example of two truisms of wind energy in the UK – firstly that people want wind energy and secondly that planners don’t reflect real public opinion with their decisions. It’s always been thus.

Green electricity is the people’s choice – but the planning system is just plain undemocratic.