RSPB The Lodge, Bedfordshire

Ecotricity helps power the RSPB with green energy at their headquarters in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

This is one of our most significant windmills yet – and a big statement about how nature and renewable energy work together.

“Climate change is the single biggest threat to our planet,” says Martin Harper, RSPB’s director of conservation. “This is about our birds and wildlife as well as our way of life. Around the world, and even in the UK, we can already see how these changes are affecting wildlife, the places where they live as well as damage to our homes and disruptions to the economy.”

“I am proud to say the RSPB continues to back words with actions to show we are serious about tackling the threat of climate change with our biggest single renewable energy project yet.”

This single windmill will reduce carbon emissions by around 300 tonnes every year and generate around 1.5 million units (kWhs) of green electricity from the wind – that’s over half the RSPB’s total electricity needs across its 127 UK locations.

 You can find out more on the RSPB website or read our business energy case study.