Green Park, Reading

Possibly the most visible turbine in the world - standing tall on the Reading junction of the M4, and creating green energy for Green Park.

Standing tall at the Reading junction of the M4 – this one’s probably seen by more people every day than any other windmill, anywhere.

And that’s a big part of its job, and of our job, to get wind energy close to where people live and work, to give people the chance to see it for themselves. There’s no better way to dispel the myths of wind energy - and to start to see the advantages - than to see one, and try to hear one, for yourself.

This is Reading’s first windmill, we’re sure it’s not the last. It’s been massively popular and started debates about how Reading might achieve 100% of its electricity from wind (read about how wind power works).

Putting large amounts of green electricity into Green Park, this is the third of our Merchant Wind projects and the first in an office rather than factory setting. And it is a stunning setting.

If you drive the M4 past Reading you’ll have seen it for yourself. If not, it’s worth the detour.