Dundee, Scotland

Michelin's Dundee factory is the proud recipient of two state-of-the-art wind turbines, which provide roughly 30% of the electricity required to power the factory.

Perhaps inspired by Ford’s example, perhaps by rising energy prices and maybe even the green agenda – or a little bit of all three.

Michelin decided to give wind energy a role in their operations, a serious role mind you.

We built two large windmills at their tyre factory, pretty much in the heart of Dundee. A real challenge for our good neighbour policy.

We rose to that challenge, with a very carefully designed and constructed wind park, and the best technology available – slow, elegant and whisper quiet.

Our two windmills here provide roughly 30% of the electricity required for the factory which makes about seven million tyres every year.

So that’s engines for Ford and tyres for Michelin, what parts of a car can we wind power next?