Bristol Port, Avon

Bristol Port wind park - three stunning wind turbines set alongside the Severn Estuary and visible from the M5.

This is one stunning location for a wind project. Set alongside the Severn Estuary, three large windmills providing enough green electricity each year to run roughly half the Port of Bristol.

Merchant Wind Power is about bringing the environment and industry together - a combination never more evidently right, than right here.

Wind energy in all its modern glory, sat with the natural environment to one side and serious industry to the other. This is where wind energy meets industry, where the need to harness clean sources of power meets the need to have power – no less than a vision of the future, or a tantalising glimpse at least.

Visible from the M5, these are the first turbines in Bristol and Avon, and most definitely not the last. Again well designed and implemented wind energy here is paving the way for more.

We even got an award from Al Gore for this one. Thanks Al.