Bristol Port, Avon

Bristol Port wind park - three stunning windmills set alongside the Severn Estuary and visible from the M5, providing enough green electricity each year to run roughly half the Port of Bristol.

A perfect example of the Merchant Wind Power scheme, bringing renewable wind energy and industry together - a powerful combination and a vision of the future.

These were the first wind turbines in Bristol and Avon, and we hope not the last, saving over 3,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

We even got an award from Al Gore for this one. Thanks Al.

Drawing of battery

14.8 million units


Drawing of green house

3,844 homes

powered each year

CO2 in green cloud with arrows pointing down

3,085 CO2 savings


Location & Operation


Location: Bristol Port, Avon


Windmills: 3


Operation Since: Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Technical Specifications


Model: Enercon EP2 E-82

Power: 2,000 kW

Rotor Diameter: 82.0 m

Hub Height: 79.0 m

Tip Height: 120 m

Wind Speed: 2.5– 34.0 m/s

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