Bambers, Lincolnshire

Wind energy at its best at Bambers wind farm in Lincolnshire. Supported and approved by the locals.

We built Lincolnshire’s first two windmills at Mablethorpe and they went down really well with local people. Being perfect examples of modern wind energy, we did expect that.

We have a strict rule - we only build wind parks that can deliver on the principles of our Good Neighbour policy - to have no adverse impact on local people or wildlife. This is how we seek to make wind energy sustainable in all senses of the word.

Anyway, we asked for permission to build another eight machines on Bambers Farm – which is literally in the field next door to our two at Mablethorpe. And East Lindsey District Council said yes, all credit to them.

The eight new machines we built here produce enough green electricity each year to power nearly 3,000 homes – with no pollution at all (see how wind energy works).

This is wind energy at its best. An endless source of clean green energy and a good neighbour.