Bambers II, Lincolnshire

Our six turbine extension on the already impressive Bambers wind farm at the Mablethorpe treatment works in Lincolnshire.

There was enough land. The grid would take it. Our neighbours had no problems. It made sense to keep the windmills together.

So we asked the local council for permission to build six new turbines in the field next door to our Bambers site. And they said yes.

Technology had marched on though, and with just six new (identical looking) machines, we were able to match the output of the eight already standing at Bambers – these new machines produced some 30% more green electricity each!

And so another 3,000 or so homes’ worth of green electricity flows into the local grid every year (see how wind generation works).

If only it was always like this, we’d have far more of our energy from clean sources right now.

That’s coming, it’s just that sometimes, some people, need things to get really bad before they wake up to what needs to be done, and to what’s really important.