Alveston, South Gloucestershire

A first for the county

Alveston is South Gloucestershires's first wind park! Three elegant turbines, up and running from December 2017 - over twenty years after neighbouring Gloucestershire's first windmill.

And it's a great site too - near the junction of the M4 and M5 motorways.

This is a vital step towards Britain's energy independence - securing our future energy needs from our own local source - the wind.

Alveston will provide enough clean power each year for over 3,000 local homes from just three turbines (see how wind energy works).

Have a look at our time lapse video of Alveston being built.

We recently took some customers to Alveston to show them what their bill money has helped us to do.

Construction Blog 

Project complete! – December 2017

We’ve done it! The Alveston wind park is now up and running!

It’s been awesome project – and a long time in the pipeline. It’s fantastic to finally see another wind park generating green energy for Britain – and we’ve done it all with the help of our customers.

The new wind park will provide enough green energy to power over 3,000 homes every year – that’s more homes than in Alveston village itself! 

September 2017

We’re getting close now! All of the components for the turbines have been delivered, so we have the all the pieces to build South Gloucestershire’s first ever windmill!

August 2017

We’ve completed the foundations for the wind park, and we’re now just waiting for the windmill components to be delivered.

Everything is ready for us to start feeding the windmill’s green energy directly into the grid as soon as they’re installed.

July 2017

The reinforcements are complete on all of the windmills, so we’re ready to pour the concrete.

June 2017

We’ve now excavated the foundations of the windmill, and we’re fixing the reinforcements.

We’re working with National Grid to start feeding electricity into the grid when the turbines are up and running.

April 2017

After a short break, we’ve restarted work on the site, and completed the third access track and crane. We’ve also built a protection slab in the area where we’re crossing a big gas main.

We’ve started excavated the substation, and we’ve poured some concrete to house various components within the substation compound.

September 2016

Two of the three access tracks and crane pads are now complete, and the foundation sections of each turbine have been delivered to the site.

Work underway – 06 October 2015

This site has been in our pipeline for a long time, but we’re finally in a position to take some big steps forward. After working on the project since 2008, work has now finally begun on site. We’re nearing completion on the access track and have already built two of the three crane pads. There’ll be more updates here and on our Facebook page soon.

Project update – 25 February 2014

A quick update on how we are progressing with the Alveston site: we have completed all the preparatory work and the grid connection is being finalised with Western Power Distribution. Owing to our large pipeline of sites, including our largest wind park yet at Heckington Fen, it has taken a little longer than we expected to build this one. However, we hope to have a further update, along with a specific build timeline soon. Watch this space.

First phase of construction complete – 26 March 2012

The first phase of construction, including the access tracks and crane pads, have been completed and the grid connection design is currently being undertaken. Once this has been finalised, we will be in a position to build the three turbines.

Carrying out assessments to prepare for build work – 28 September 2010

Since gaining Planning Permission we continue to carry out assessment of the site with the hope of construction on the site in the coming year.

South Gloucestershire's first wind turbines are on their way! – 13 November 2008

Hot off the press - we've just been granted permission for our Alveston Wind Park.

We're chuffed to bits. This is a great site for wind turbines. We'd like to thank those councilors that made this possible and all the local people who expressed their support.