Green energy from the wind

At Ecotricity, we don't just supply green energy - we make it too. We generate wind electricity at our wind parks up and down the country, as part of our mission to make Britain greener. 

Here you can find out all about our wind parks, how windmills work, how much wind electricity we make, and the advantages of wind energy.

Wind energy is Britain's most abundant and economic source of renewable power - and we're proud to be Britain's greenest wind energy supplier.

Our Windmills

Since 1995 we’ve been generating 100% green electricity from wind energy.  We just generate onshore wind, and you can see where our parks are located here.

Over the past 25 years we’ve built 24 wind-parks all over the country. And these wind-parks are home to 74 beautiful wind turbines generating enough green energy to power over 44,000 homes across the U.K.

The environmental benefits of these windmills is huge, together they save over 34,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

A huge step forward in the fight against climate change.

How wind energy works

Wind energy is electricity that’s been created by converting air flow into green energy, through the use of wind turbines. It’s cleaner, safer, and more abundant than energy made from fossil fuels.

The energy generated from the wind doesn’t release any carbon emissions, and it’s a viable solution to climate change.

Wind power won’t ever run out, and Britain has 40% of Europe’s wind source – which is enough to power the country several times over.

How to switch

You can switch to green energy online and only takes a few seconds. Start powering your home with green energy today.