Our Fuel Mix

It will come as no surprise that our electricity is 100% green – there’s no coal, nuclear, or any other brown energy source in our fuel mix.

Here’s the data for the last year (April 2014 - March 2015), showing you how we stack up against the national average for energy suppliers.

Fuel Supply Ecotricity National Average
Natural Gas 0.0% 29.7%
Coal 0.0% 26.7%
Nuclear 0.0% 22.2%
Other 0.0% 2.1%
All Brown 0.0% 80.7%
Renewable 100.0% 19.3%
Environmental Impact
COemissions 0.0 g/kWh 368.4 g/kWh
Radioactive waste (high level) 0.00000 g/kWh 0.00155 g/kWh

The greenest energy

Not only is our electricity 100% green, it was also the greenest energy in Britain by a long way according to the latest available figures*. You can read all about how we work this out on our Britain’s Greenest Energy page – it’s a simple calculation that looks at the lifecycle carbon emissions of all suppliers in Britain. As you’ll see, no one else comes close...

We generate around 30% of the green electricity we supply ourselves through our own growing fleet of wind and sun parks – the rest we buy from other green generators.

Pie chart showing breakdown of our Fuel Mix


If you're not already part of the green revolution, you can switch here or find out more here.



* Figures refer to data from second half of 2013/14. See here for more information.

Renewable figures include a loss factor for transmission and distribution losses of 1.12 for the April 2014 to March 2015 disclosure period. Fuel Mix Disclosure table relates to electricity supplied by the Renewable Energy Company Ltd, trading as Ecotricity.

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