Our fuel mix

Every year, all electricity companies in Britain have to publish exactly where the electricity they supply comes from.

As Britain’s greenest energy company, it will come as no surprise that our electricity is 100% green – there’s no coal, nuclear, or any other brown energy source in our fuel mix. It’s 100% green energy from renewable sources – and that’s how we plan to keep it.

Not only is our energy green – it’s vegan too. In fact, we’re the first energy company in the UK to be recognised by The Vegan Society and receive their trademark stamp of approval.

Unfortunately, other energy suppliers are not exactly pulling their weight when it comes to green energy. The national average for renewables this year is still less than 40% – that needs to change if we’re to seriously fight climate change and become energy independent in Britain.

To make matters worse, a number of energy companies claim green credentials for themselves or for some of their tariffs - this is known as greenwashing.

In the chart below you can see exactly how our electricity is made up this year (April 2019 – March 2020).

Where our electricity comes from* (2019/20)


Where our electricity comes from 2019/20

One of the reasons we’re able to do this is because of our unique model – we turn our customers’ bills into new sources of green energy in Britain. It’s what we call turning ‘bills into mills’.

The model works – we generate around 15% of the green electricity we supply ourselves through our own growing fleet of green energy parks, and the rest we buy from other green generators.

Our aim is to eventually make all of our own energy – so that all the electricity and gas we supply to our customers comes from our own wind, sun and green gasmills.

There’s something else pretty cool about our energy  – we’ve set aside some of the electricity we make at our Fen Farm wind and solar sites for the Electric Highway, our electric vehicle charging network. Ecotalk, our mobile phone network, is also powered by our Fen Farm wind and solar sites.

How Ecotricity compares to the national average

Fuel supplyEcotricityNational average
Natural gas0%39.4%

Environmental impact

Fuel supplyEcotricityNational average
CO2 emissions0g per kWh198g per kWh
Radioactive waste0g per kWh0.007g per kWh

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*Fuel Mix Disclosure table relates to electricity supplied by Ecotricity Ltd, trading as Ecotricity.

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