World car free day, with a depiction of a young woman riding a bike and a city landscape behind her
21 September 2018

Ditch the car and put power to the pedal

It’s World Car Free Day (22 September)! To celebrate, we chatted to one of our Staff Writers, Emma, about how she avoids cars and prefers pedal power.

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10 April 2018

Ecotricity to support the development of the National Forest through new partnership

Britain’s greenest energy company, Ecotricity, is joining forces with the National Forest Company to support the development of England’s first large-scale forest to be created in a thousand years.

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Close up photograph of Forest Green Rover's vegan banana and toffee tarte tatin topped with icing sugar
6 April 2018

Banana Bake Off

We’ve got another great recipe for you from the Forest Green Rover’s kitchen – a sweet, sticky banana and toffee tarte tatin. This upside down, puff pastry dish is delightful – especially topped with vegan whipped cream.

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Bee with pollen on its back and legs rests on a person's fingernail
29 March 2018

The bee world’s lone ranger

Say bee to most people and their first thoughts are of honey, hives, white suits and stings! But did you know that around 90% of bee species in the UK are solitary, meaning they don’t produce honey, don’t have a queen to protect, live alone and generally aren’t aggressive as they have nothing to protect. We spoke to Faye from Green&Blue, who told us all about them. 

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Two men playing acoustic guitar and drum at the Jig at the Rig anti-fracking demonstration at New Preston Road
29 March 2018

The fight against fracking - a first hand account

On 16 March, 200 people gathered from around the country for a ‘Jig at the Rig’ in support of local protestors resisting Cuadrilla’s fracking operations at Preston New Road. Organised by Reclaim the Power, the all-day shut down of the fracking site featured live music, poetry and a dance-off in the tracks of Lancashire’s drilling trucks, right outside the gate.

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Ecotricity top tips for saving on your gas bill with two black copper kettles on the hob with flame
28 March 2018

Top tips for saving on your gas bill

Winter may be officially over, but the cold weather doesn’t seem to agree. Repeated attacks by the ‘Beast from the East’ have seen many of us cranking up our gas-fired heating systems. And with a potential third beastly attack of the cold due soon, many people might be concerned about the impact all this heating may have on their energy bills.

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Ecotricity's Heather Holve in the office talking about anti-fracking campaigns
27 March 2018

Joining the fracking frontline

One of our most recent and hard-hitting examples of people power has come in the fight against fracking. We’re dedicated to fighting this harmful industry, actively making a stand by launching our ‘Boycott the Big Six’ campaign. We’ve been out at fracking sites to support the protestors, meeting people who are quite literally on the frontline.

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Ecotricity customer Daniel Raven-Ellison standing in a field of yellow rapeseed
26 March 2018

Green space in a concrete jungle

Our customers are some of the greenest people around, and Daniel Raven-Ellison is certainly no exception. As well as doing everything he can in his own life to promote sustainability, he coordinates the campaign to make London the world’s first National Park City in 2019.

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Vegan Apron person in black and white t-shirt holding a box of vegetables including recipe cards
24 March 2018

Put on your Vegan Apron

Food is a key part of our mission to make Britain greener. With energy and transport, it all together makes up 80% of our carbon footprint.

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Ecotricity customer Liz Mitchell on a beach looking through binoculars with partner Stewart
23 March 2018

The Cambridge couple making a difference

We have some amazing customers who do everything they can to be greener. We caught up with a couple who told us how they make a difference in their everyday lives, and also found out why they love Ecotricity!

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Ecotricity's Olga Przysuszynska in the office talking about after work yoga classes
23 March 2018

Slow down and breathe

At Ecotricity we’re really lucky to have people who are passionate about our mission to make Britain greener. They really help us to do more when it comes to spreading the green message, and we love to support them whenever possible as they pursue their own goals.

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