28 November 2020

Dale in conversation with Wildlife TV Presenter & Conservationist, Chris Packham

Recently, we hosted a fascinating discussion between Dale Vince and Chris Packham on Facebook. They went deep into their own stories, sharing their ups and downs on their different paths to becoming leaders in the environmental movement. Watch the full discussion here.

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Green and black union jack flag
26 November 2020

The Green Fightback… Top tips from our partners

A few weeks in, our Green Fightback campaign is going really well – and the more people who join us, the more we can invest into new renewable energy sources. We asked our partners for their tips and ideas of how you can help them in their work as part of the Green Fightback. We think you’ll be impressed…

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LEON burgers made using green energy from Ecotricity
24 November 2020

Ecotricity powers LEON Restaurants

In October, LEON Restaurants joined us on our mission to end fossil fuels by switching all of their business supplies to 100% green electricity and carbon neutralised gas.

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20 November 2020

Dale in Conversation with Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson

In November, we hosted a conversation between Dale Vince and Captain Paul Watson. We had a fantastic evening listening to this dynamic duo share their wisdom and hope for the future.

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Key workers raising a windmill
30 September 2020

All you need to know about the Green Fightback

Our mission has always been to change the way energy is made and used, to create a greener Britain. Right now, only 30% or so of the country’s energy is green. And the climate crisis is only getting worse. The Green Fightback is a campaign to make Britain greener by moving more quickly towards 100% green energy, street by street across the entire country.

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24 September 2020

Ecotricity visits RSPB Fairburn Ings

We’ve supported the RSPB since 2013 because their values and goals are such a perfect fit with ours. Last year, our mobile phone company, Ecotalk, helped the RSPB by purchasing an area of land called Fairburn Ings using the money from customers’ bills. Paul Sands, Director of Growth at Ecotricity went to find out more.

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Mountain biker riding through a forest
18 September 2020

Ecotricity powers BikePark Wales

We’re lucky to power some of the most inspiring businesses in Britain, like BikePark Wales who have made it part of their mission to become the world’s first carbon neutral bike park.

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Reusable objects to use for zero waste week
7 September 2020

All you need to know about Zero Waste Week

It’s no secret – our planet is in trouble. But small changes, like reducing the amount of waste we produce, can make a big difference to fighting the climate crisis.

Here’s everything you need to know to get involved in Zero Waste Week.

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Vegan burger on a plate for National Burger Day
27 August 2020

National (Vegan) Burger Day – brought to you by Ecotricity & our partner Viva!

Today, 27th August 2020, is National Burger Day; and we’re celebrating by bringing you the most nutritious version of the UK’s favourite fast-food, vegan burgers!

So, get your frying pans at the ready and discover some amazing vegan facts and delicious recipes from our friends at the vegan charity, Viva!

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Selection of acts at WOMAD festival
22 July 2020

Create your own green festival at home for WOMAD at Home 2020

Festivals may be out in 2020 but they’ve also never been more in… your own home. We’re partnering with WOMAD at Home 2020 (25-26 July) to deliver you two days of ‘essence of WOMAD’ online.

Get online, get involved and enjoy WOMAD at Home 2020. 

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World Chocolate Day brought to you by Divine chocolate
7 July 2020

World Chocolate Day – brought to you by Ecotricity and Divine vegan chocolate

Today, 7th July 2020, is World Chocolate Day; the day we celebrate the majestic cocoa bean in its greatest form – vegan chocolate!

We've got together with our partner Divine Chocolate, to bring you some interesting facts on vegan chocolate, show you how it can help in the fight against climate change and selected our top 5 vegan chocolate recipes for you to try at home. 

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