Five ways you can support Fairtrade

25 February 2019

Fairtrade is all about improving the deal for the workers and farmers in developing countries who produce our food. This is a particular focus during Fairtrade Fortnight, an annual campaign which this year runs from 25 February until 10 March.

Many businesses are backing the campaign, including Triodos, an ethical bank which – like Fairtrade ­– prioritises people and planet over profit. The bank is proud to be supporting the movement. Here, Triodos share some ideas for how you can too.

Take part in Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight is the perfect opportunity to join the thousands of other individuals, groups and communities supporting the Fairtrade movement. This year’s theme is ‘She Deserves’. It’s about celebrating the people – especially women – who grow the cocoa for the chocolate we enjoy. You can get involved in loads of different ways – from hosting an event, to sharing the campaign on social media. Find out more on the Fairtrade website.

Join your local Fairtrade community

Fairtrade has over 2,100 groups across the world that are working to support the global movement for change. Why not see if your local community has a group or even set one up yourself?

Danni Rochman, coordinator at Bristol Fair Trade Network, is keen to encourage people to get active locally. “By having passionate people on the ground, local Fairtrade networks are able to reach citizens and businesses who can make a huge difference through the choices they make each day.” In Bristol, people can volunteer at events, stage their own and attend free socials. Each Fairtrade group offers its own opportunities.

Ethical superstore pottery workshop with logo

Shop for Fairtrade online…

Next time you’re shopping, keep an eye out for the Fairtrade Mark on products, an assurance that they meet Fairtrade Standards. Ethical Superstore is a sort of ‘ethical Amazon’, where you’ll see a whole host of products with the Fairtrade Mark.

Peter Leatherland, Online Sales Manager at Spark Etail, the parent company of the store, says: “We were the first online retailer to stock a full range of Fairtrade products back when e-commerce was just beginning to take off. We now stock almost 1,000 Fairtrade products, everything from Easter eggs to pyjamas!” Why not have a look at what they have on offer?

Cafe direct coffee bags and jar

Alternatively, you can shop straight from the product manufacturer. Triodos finances businesses like Cafédirect, the UK’s largest Fairtrade hot drinks brand that sells a variety of coffees, teas and hot chocolate.

“Being Fairtrade is an important part of being in a movement for change to make the world a fairer place and to help support farmers and their families,” says John Steel, CEO of Cafédirect.

Another bank customer, Zaytoun, is a social enterprise that sells Fairtrade olive oil and almonds. Cathi Pawson, co-founder of Zaytoun says: “Fairtrade connects producing communities to customers across the globe who care about them and the products they create.”

…and in-store

You can also find Fairtrade goods, from chocolate to bananas, in most major supermarkets, as well as many independent stores. For Better Food, an organic retailer and Triodos Bank customer, farming and shopping practices are key.

“Producers involved … with Fairtrade often live in parts of the world most affected by climate change,” says Lucy Gatward, the business’s Marketing Manager. “The more we can do in all corners of the world to be mindful and responsible in our farming and consuming practices, the better.”

Better Food shop at Wapping Wharf

Choose Fairtrade at cafés and restaurants

You can choose Fairtrade whether you’re out for breakfast, brunch, dinner or a casual coffee. Triodos customer The Coffee Apothecary in Aberdeenshire uses Fairtrade chocolate and sugar in its two cafes.

“By supporting Fairtrade, you’re making sure that no one is being hurt in any way by what you’re buying and, in our case, selling on, ensuring you’re not profiting from someone else being exploited,” says Ali Aspden, co-owner of the business. Unsure if your café serves Fairtrade? Just ask!

There’s a Fairtrade café with a difference popping up during Fairtrade Fortnight too. Rosine’s ‘Secret’ Hot Chocolate Salon is open from 25 February until 3 March in London’s Shoreditch. Find the secret button inside a newsagents and be transported to a West African-themed speakeasy-style café, serving delicious Fairtrade hot chocolate. We’ll see you there…

Coffee Apothecary cafe with seating area

Why not spread the word about Fairtrade with family and friends too? Let’s all add to the powerful movement for change, during Fairtrade Fortnight and beyond.

Triodos Bank have worked with us since we first began, when they financed the build of our first windmill in 1996.

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