Ecotricity at All Energy 2019

6 June 2019

We’ve been at All Energy conference in Glasgow, the UK’s largest renewable energy conference. It’s a chance for energy experts to meet and for the industry to showcase the latest green technology and services. Here are our highlights.

Scotland leads the way with green energy

Nicola Sturgeon MSP spoke about how Scotland have become the first country in the UK to adopt recommendations from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

The Scottish government have introduced the Scottish Energy Strategy and the Energy Efficient Scotland: route map which set out the government’s plans to go carbon neutral by 2045.

Sturgeon urged the UK government help Scotland and the rest of Britain reach carbon neutral status, by:

  • Developing carbon capture and storage
  • Expanding its support for renewable technology
  • Continuing support for offshore wind, wave, tidal, solar and hydrogen energy
  • Reintroducing backing for onshore wind

Flexible energy

Peter Dennis, one of our renewable energy experts spoke about ‘The Cascade Model – A Merchant Approach to Flexibility Revenues’.

He explained what energy flexibility is and why we need to harness it for the benefit of the energy network. Peter also outlined how we can optimise flexibility in an uncertain world, and how this can be converted into revenue for the flexibility owners and operators.

Balancing the energy market

Mark Meyrick, our Head of Smart Grids and Trading spoke about Project TERRE and the new Balancing Energy Market (BEM). TERRE is a project set up by a group of European electricity transmission companies (including National Grid) in order to meet electricity balancing guidelines. It allows smaller companies to get involved in balancing energy supplies, and benefit from flexibility response.

Virtual Power Plant

Our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) allows businesses to get involved in balancing supply and demand on a smaller scale. It’s an easy way to reduce costs and raise additional income by offering flexibility in your energy supply.

You can find out more about the Virtual Power Plant here.

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