Ecotricity to discuss fracking fight at WOMAD

6 July 2018

How can we combat the looming threat of fracking in Britain? Anti-fracking experts will be discussing what we can do to fight it at WOMAD festival this summer, in a special Ecotricity event hosted by Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow.

The Big Green Britain Chat – The Fight Against Fracking will take place at the Ecotricity in the Arboretum stage at 11am on Sunday 29 July.

It will feature Ecotricity principal ecologist Simon Pickering speaking alongside the co-leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley, Steve Mason from Frack Free United and one of the anti-fracking “Nanas” Tina Rothery.

Jon Snow will lead an active discussion which will look at the fight against fracking in Britain and aims to empower people to stand up to the government and the big energy companies behind the dirty business.

Fracking is the most unpopular form of energy ever, yet the government is ignoring public opinion and going all out for fracking in Britain.

Despite the mass rejection of fracking, more than half of the households in Britain are unwittingly supporting fracking by getting their energy supplied by one of four ‘Big Six’ companies – British Gas, EDF, E.ON and Scottish Power – who either invest in or say they support fracking. The final two, npower and SSE, are complicit by not coming out against fracking.

On Saturday 28 July Ecotricity will host a host a Q&A on Brexit and refugees with senior members of the Green Party at WOMAD.

Spread over four days, WOMAD runs from 26 - 29 July at Charlton Park in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. With music from around the world it’s a real feast for the ears, and the music’s just one of the highlights. There’s great food, fantastic activities and events, and a whole host of cultural experiences to be enjoyed. There’s something for everyone on this voyage around the globe.

Click here for more information about the ‘Boycott the Big Six’ campaign and visit our switch page here to join Ecotricity, and stop your energy bills funding fracking.

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