Ecotricity has lowest number of complaints in energy industry

18 January 2016

We have the lowest number of complaints in the industry.

Green energy company Ecotricity received the lowest number of complaints in the energy industry for the sixth year running, according to figures published by energy regulator Ofgem¹.

Ecotricity recorded 288 complaints per 100,000 customers, followed by Utilita with 378 and Utility Warehouse with 922.

The worst energy supplier was iSupply, with 7,977 per 100,000, followed by Scottish Power with 3,756 and Npower with 3,146.

Complaints per 100,000 customers for the 12 months until 30th September 2015¹
Energy Supplier Complaints per 100,000 customers (2014 in brackets)
1 Ecotricity 288   (86)
2 Utilita 378   (1,195)
3 Utility Warehouse 922   (648)
4 LOCO2 977   (897)
5 Ovo Energy 1,050   (1,136)
6 Flow Energy 1,101   (662)
7 Green Star 1,384   (348)
8 SSE 1,726   (2,081)
9 Spark Energy 1,763   (1,287)
10 Co-Operative 1,940   (1,203)
11 First Utility 2,246   (2,263)
12 Good Energy 2,517   (2,480)
13 EDF 2,572   (2,663)
14 E.ON 2,652   (2,089)
15 British Gas 2,895   (2,473)
16 npower 3,146   (3,827)
17 Scottish Power 3,756   (3,253)
18 iSupply 7,977 (1,741)


Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said: “The number of complaints a company receives is the acid test of customer service and these figures from OFGEM are the most robust data available – measured in a consistent way across the entire industry for the entire year.

“The results allow a comparison of all energy companies on a like for like basis - there are usually some surprises, some clashes between marketing claims and actual performance - not only among the Big Six, but from some of the newcomers, the independents as well.

“It’s not by luck that we’ve topped this table for six years running, it’s by design. We treat people the way we like to be treated ourselves, we answer the phone ourselves quickly, with no automated messaging, our team resolve nine out of ten issues in that first phone call, if we make a promise we keep it and when we do mess up we put things right quickly. It’s not rocket science, but too many companies see customer service as simply a cost to minimise – we think that’s a false economy, and actually just wrong.”



¹ Ofgem define a reportable complaint as being an expression of dissatisfaction that has not been resolved by the end of the working day following the day of receipt.

Ofgem requires energy companies to present complaints numbers per 100,000 customers (the key metric for comparing complaint levels across the industry) every quarter to ensure fast-growing smaller companies (that may double their customer numbers over 12 months) don’t compare their total number of complaints against their year-end customer numbers to achieve a more favourable outcome.

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