Why Nothing Happened

7 November 2014

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince explains why #nothinghappened

Wind energy is vital to our efforts to become energy independent as a nation and to the fight against climate change.

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is about as clear as any warning could be: climate change is real, it’s man made and if we fail to get to grips with it, we face extreme weather, rising sea levels and species extinction - for hundreds, even thousands of years to come. Changing the way we make electricity is one of the biggest steps we need to take.

This is where wind comes in - Britain has 40% of all the wind energy in Europe, enough to power our country many times over. A recent European report makes it clear that wind energy is the cheapest form of energy available to us, bar none. And the IPCC report also makes clear that taking action to fight climate change will not impact economic growth, but could in fact boost it.

And yet, wind power has been under attack and regularly faces criticism and misinformation from this current government and much of the media. It’s an ideological divide we’ve seen open up in the last few months.

With eight nuclear reactors down and Didcot B gas power station in flames, wind energy went about its business quietly last month, ensuring the lights didn’t go out. The distributed nature of wind energy, and all renewable energy sources, makes them naturally more resilient than large centralised fossil and nuclear stations. Something you won't often hear about.

At Ecotricity we’re pushing hard for energy independence - turning our customers’ bills into mills. The more customers that join us, the more green energy sources we can build. And the more we build, the more insulated our customers are from the rising costs of fossil fuels. It’s a virtuous circle and a model that works for our customers, and will work for all Britons.

Our #nothinghappened campaign is about drawing attention to wind energy’s great achievements, and to its potential - the extent to which we already rely on it and can rely on it in the future. Clean, homemade wind energy is a significant part of our energy mix now and it has much more to offer – at a time when we literally can't afford to keep burning fossil fuels.

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