Ecotricity promises ‘Frack-Free Gas’

27 September 2013

Britain’s first green energy company, Ecotricity, has today announced that the gas it sources for its customers will be free of gas from Fracking – the controversial process of extracting gas, which is being developed in Britain. 

In an industry first, Ecotricity’s ‘Frack-Free Gas’ promise is to never buy fracked gas for supplying to householders and businesses in Britain – so customers will avoid supporting the Fracking industry with their energy bills.

Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince, said:
“Fracking for shale gas will entrench the use of fossil fuels in Britain for decades to come – at the expense of the switch to clean green energy – we can see that happening already.”

He said there were clear environmental risks involved with the hydraulic fracturing process, that were well documented from other parts of the world and Britons deserved transparency from energy suppliers and the choice to conscientiously object to the practice.   

“The majority of people in Britain simply don’t want Fracking to take place and we think they should be able to choose not to buy gas from such sources. We’re giving people the chance to be conscientious objectors on this issue, to make sure their gas bill money does not support this rather desperate and damaging process.”

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, said: 
“There are a range of very serious concerns about Fracking on the local environment, and on climate change. This is a great initiative and I know that many people will welcome the opportunity to use Frack-Free Gas in their homes.”

The Gloucestershire-based energy company has arrangements in place to ensure that fracked gas does not enter its gas supply chain.

Vince continued: “People want to be able to choose what they eat and don't eat – labelling of food enables that - GM-free food is a good example. Green Electricity is also labelled to guarantee its origin.

“We’re extending that concept - Ecotricity’s gas supply now has its own guarantee of origin – it will remain ‘Frack-Free’ so our customers can be sure they will not be supporting the shale gas industry with money from their energy bills.”

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