Gary Neville and Ecotricity kick off sustainable sport initiative with wind-powered Old Trafford testimonial

20 May 2011

England and Manchester United footballer Gary Neville is teaming up with the founder of Britain’s first green energy company, Dale Vince to make sport more sustainable.

An exciting new initiative 'Sustainability In Sport' will be unveiled at Old Trafford on Tuesday 24 May. All the electricity used during the game will be matched by renewable electricity generated by Ecotricity’s 52 windmills across the UK, to effectively make it a ‘wind-powered’ game.

Sustainability In Sport is a new partnership supported by Gary and Dale, with the aim of taking the eco message into the world of sport. The environmental projects will be delivered by Sustainability In Sport, the first of which will be a community solar scheme in Manchester using Mitsubishi solar panels. Applications for these solar schemes are invited via

Gary and Dale came together through a shared passion for both football and green issues, with an ambition to make football and other sports more environmentally aware.

Dale Vince OBE, founder of Ecotricity, said:

“This new partnership is so exciting.  We're kicking off with a wind powered testimonial but that really is just the start.  Sustainability In Sport is a great idea, its mission is very close to our hearts (both mine and Gary's) - to take the eco message into the world of football and sport more generally.  

“It's a new frontier and a new audience. And even better we're going to fund it with another partnership with Gary - with the income from a series of small scale wind projects, which we are going to develop together.  Wind energy and football hand-in-hand - I don't think there's anything you could dream up that fits more perfectly for me than this.”

Gary Neville said:

“I have recognised in the last two to three years the need to make personal changes in my life and reducing my environmental impact is going to be a five year transition for me and my family, but with planning permission for my new eco home being granted and my association with wind turbines, I’m on track to complete this journey.

“I believe sport crosses all boundaries and plays a significant role in many people’s lives. From my perspective we have to look at the effect sport has had on other issues over the last twenty years to see that when sport comes together with society, positive actions can happen.

“Sustainability in Sport and I are looking forward to working on this initiative with Dale and Ecotricity who are pioneers in this arena and that for me personally makes it very exciting.


Notes to Editors

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Diana Law

Sustainability In Sport on (07503) 153158

About Ecotricity

Britain’s leading green energy company, Ecotricity was founded 15 years’ ago when, in 1996, it founded the UK’s green electricity market and movement. A ‘not for dividend’ company with no shareholders to answer to, it now powers 50,000 homes and businesses in the UK from its fleet of 52 windmills, it invests more per capita in building new sources of green energy than any other UK electricity company and is the only energy supplier supported by Oxfam and the Soil Association.

About Sustainability In Sport

Sustainability in Sport is an organisation created and run by a group of like-minded people with a passion for sport, community and the environment. Its primary objective is to support the continuing growth of sport whilst reducing its environmental impact.

Working with clubs, governing bodies, supporting industries and commercial partners, Sustainability in Sport will actively raise funds to deliver technologies and equipment into sporting initiatives that provide environmental benefit.

Sustainability in Sport has been created to support the transition required to protect the future of sport.

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