From Kyoto to Copenhagen

30 November 2009


Copenhagen - COP15 logo

As readers of the Zero Carbonista blog will already know, Dale isn’t going to the UN Copenhagen summit this December.

Back in October, Dale met 18-year old Isabelle Ellis-Cockroft and decided to help her go instead as part of her inspiring work with the UK Youth Delegation. She’s already well on the road to Copenhagen (figuratively speaking!), busy finalising preparations that have been 18 months in the making.

Issy is a passionate voice for change, and would welcome your comments and good wishes too. As Ecotricity’s ‘woman on the ground’, is there a burning issue you’d like her to put in front of leaders? Are you a young person who also cares about the climate and the world you’ll inherit from our current leaders? Or do you perhaps have children of your own, and a message you’d like to pass on to her and our next generation? If so, be sure to read her diary and keep up to-date with her preparations before, and her activities during, the Copenhagen summit.

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