Switch your energy supply to us and not only will you be using green energy at a fair price, as a thank you we’ll donate up to £60 to Viva! on your behalf when you quote reference VIVA.

Switch to Ecotricity with Viva!

Did you know, you can support Viva! just by paying your energy bills?

We’ll donate up to £60 to Viva! if you switch your energy supply to us

Why switch to Ecotricity?

  • We’re Britain’s greenest energy company: We don’t just supply green energy, we make it too. Plus, we’re the only energy supplier in Britain that knows the carbon footprint, per customer, of our entire operation – which means we’re green from head to toe.
  • Make a difference with your energy bills: We use the money from your energy bills to do lots of amazing things to build a greener Britain – from building and maintaining new sources of renewable energy, to developing battery storage, and expanding our national network of electric vehicle charging points.
  • Ethical pricing: We have one simple rate for each of our energy tariffs, and you’ll always be on our latest best price. Plus, we have no restrictive exit fees or penalties.

100% green electricity

We supply 100% green electricity with a difference.  

It’s the only electricity in the UK registered with The Vegan Society – which means we’re the only officially animal-free electricity supplier.

And we generate around a fifth of it ourselves – using the wind and sunmills we built with the help of our customers!

Carbon neutral green gas

Green gas is a rarity in the energy industry. But ours is set to get even greener once we start to build our green gasmills.

And our green gas is also carbon neutral - which means that any emissions we generate get offset in carbon reduction schemes.

You can find out more about our green energy here.

How to switch

Switching to green energy is easy. It only takes a few minutes to get an online quote, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Join the green revolution now – the more people who join us, the more we can do to create a greener Britain.