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Who is my regional supplier?

When the electricity supply industry was de-regulated in 1990 all the regional electricity companies – collectively known as the electricity board – were privatised. This move split the UK into 14 regions with a different electricity company for each.

Over time these companies were sold and amalgamated. Now all of them are owned by five suppliers – members of the Big Six energy companies – the other being British Gas, who formed when the gas industry privatised.

Our regional supplier map

Putting you in the right region

This isn't as straightforward as you may think. We use an industry database to do this, which has errors and omissions, so it can take some time. We aim to give you the right price, but in a small number of cases this isn't possible.

If you'd like some help with pricing information for your postcode please call us on 08000 302 302. We're more than happy to help. Oh, and please tell us you've tried to do this online first.

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