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Ecotricity can help you cut your carbon footprint even further via a whole range of things you can do at home…
Your green energy

Fully Charged for electric cars

For an electric vehicle to be emissions-free, it needs to be charged with green electricity. With our Fully Charged bundle you can do that while saving money on your home electricity bill.

Powering your home and your car with Fully Charged, you’ll save up to £109 in your first year! And you'll be able to use the Electric Highway charging stations all over Britain - there are over 300 of them – so you’ll never have to worry about range anxiety either.

Fully Charged includes:

  • A cheaper rate on our green electricity

  • Exclusive £40 discount on a Rolec WallPod:EV HomeSmart Charger

  • £15 annual dual fuel discount if you combine the Fully Charged tariff with our green gas.

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Charge your electric vehicle with green electricity and save money with Ecotricity's Fully Charged bundle.

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