Ecotricity powers BikePark Wales

18 September 2020

We’re lucky to power some of the most inspiring businesses in Britain, like BikePark Wales who have made it part of their mission to become the world’s first carbon neutral bike park.

BikePark Wales is a mecca for UK mountain bikers. There’s a network of over 40 trails ‘built by riders, for riders’, centred on Mynydd Gethin (Gethin Mountain).

It’s set up with a ski-like mix of different graded trails with plenty for beginners and experts alike – plus bike hire and a café for a well-earned treat at the end of the day. 


Ecotricity and BikePark Wales working together for a sustainable future

We’re big fans of BikePark Wales’s sustainability ethos. They rely on the natural world for their business and they’re committed to limiting the impact they have in the bike park itself and in the wider world.

They work with Trash Free Trails to keep the natural world clear of plastic (in fact, they’ve stopped selling almost all plastic drinks bottles in their shop) and they operate a closed loop with their own brand clothing, where their partner Rapanui take clothes back at the end of their usable life and make them into new clothes again.

And as we mentioned above, BikePark Wales are aiming to become the world’s first carbon neutral bike park. One of the keys to this is balancing their CO2 emissions with Temwa, a charity that works in northern Malawi.

The other key thing is that they’ve recently invested in connecting the park to the national grid. Before this, they used a gas powered generator that produced more emissions than their entire fleet of minibuses!

This is where we come in, providing green electricity for the entire bike park and helping them achieve their goal of becoming carbon neutral.


Why has BikePark Wales chosen Ecotricity?

Watch the video below to see co-founder, Martin Astley, talk about BikePark Wales’s goals and why Ecotricity are an essential part of their sustainability journey.

BikePark Wales chose to partner with us for their green electricity for a number of reasons. Firstly, there’s the fact that we’re Britain’s greenest energy company, we’re continually investing in building new sources of green energy, turning our customers’ bills into mills in order to fight the climate crisis.

Secondly, BikePark Wales were drawn to us because of our amazing customer service and dedicated account management.


Where is BikePark Wales?

BikePark Wales is just south of the stunning Brecon Beacons National Park. The actual trails are situated just outside Abercanaid, near Merthyr Tydfil. There’s a train station (Pentre-Bach) a 15-minute cycle away. Of course, you can go travel there by car but if you want to make it a fully sustainable day out, go by public transport if possible.

Click here for more info on how to find BikePark Wales


Mountain Biking & Green Energy – a match made in heaven

Partnerships like the one with BikePark Wales don’t come about by chance. They happen because of our shared values and a drive to fight the climate crisis and save the natural world.

The effects of the climate crisis are all too apparent, with extreme weather events getting more common – the Northern Hemisphere has just experienced the hottest summer ever recorded. And it’s not just about the effect on us humans. Wildlife is suffering with every drought, flood, and wildfire.


How can I be more energy efficient?

You don’t have to be a keen mountain biker to make a difference in the fight against climate change. One of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to reduce your personal carbon emissions is to switch to a truly green energy provider.

Join Ecotricity today - the greenest energy supplier in Britain. We’ll invest your bill money in building new sources of renewable energy – the only level of activity that makes a genuine difference and has a real green outcome.




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