Simply Vegan at WOMAD

24 July 2018

WOMAD’s nearly here and we’re super excited to be going. There’s amazing music from around the world, fantastic activities and events, and a whole host of cultural experiences to be enjoyed. And on top of all that, there’s great food available too. We caught up with Helen from Simply Vegan, who’ll be providing some awesome vegan food at the festival. She told us about the successes and challenges she’s experienced when delivering the vegan message to a hungry audience.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I wasn’t always vegan. I sold animal products when I started catering. This thought now fills me with dread, but like millions of others I had no idea what was taking place when it came to the animal industry until I started to look for myself – I was shocked by what I saw. After a few years away from the festivals, I’m back to event catering and excited to show a bigger audience the alternatives to meat. And that all things are possible when it comes to changing our habits

Tell us a bit about your vegan food truck and the food you make

I’ve tried to concentrate simple vegan alternatives of familiar foods in the hope that people will see that the transition to a more plant-based lifestyle isn’t so difficult! We’re making delicious vegan alternatives to wraps like ‘Chic’in Fajitas’ and Hoisin ‘Duck’ and a Big V burger that has the Big Mac shaking in its boots!! Well, not quite yet perhaps, but soon! There are also Cajun ‘Chic’in Burgers’ and our ‘Fake & Kidme Pies’ are always a winner, but you must come early for those.

What inspired you to start your own vegan food truck?

I wanted to practice meditation and soon discovered that if we are to look for peace in this world, we need to remove the negative aspects out of our lives. For me, this meant no longer participating in the consumption of animals. I decided to change everything I was doing and make everything vegan! It wasn’t a business decision but a moral one, and I’m excited to show people the plant-based foods we have for them to try. 

What has been the biggest challenge about running your vegan food business?

The biggest challenge for me is dealing with the lack of education in what we are doing and why. There is so much misinformation and it pains me that people are not being given the full picture to make informed choices of what they put in their!

What’s the best thing about running your business?

I love the responses and smiles I see and hear when people have visited us. They’re amazed that what we’re offering them is free of any animal products and yet so delicious.

I know we’re doing something to help the future of our planet and encouraging people to eat more sustainably, the way it was intended.

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