New mobile service fights Wildlife Armageddon

26 June 2018

A new mobile phone service called Ecotalk has launched to reverse the massive decline in Britain’s insect numbers by buying farmland and giving it back to nature.

The country is currently in the midst of what experts like Chris Packham are calling an ‘ecological apocalypse.’ The country is reporting massive declines in many kinds of insects, with species of bees, butterflies, ladybirds and moths already facing extinction.

The decline is driven by several factors – the biggest being land for nature lost to intensive farming. Shockingly, Britain has lost over 95% of its flower-rich grassland in the last 100 years.

Ecotalk will tackle this alarming loss of land for wildlife by harnessing people’s mobile bill money for good – buying land that will then be given back to nature. Purchased land will be expertly ‘rewilded’ creating new habits and homes for insects, tackling the country’s loss of wildlife and need for biodiversity head-on. 

Ecotricity, the world’s first green energy company, is providing power from the wind and sun to match customer usage on Ecotalk – ensuring that all calls, texts and data on the network-side are carbon neutral.

Switching to Ecotalk is easy, and the service runs on the market-leading EE network, known for its best-in-class coverage and superfast 4G data speeds. Ecotalk customers will benefit from Ecotricity’s legendary customer service and 30-day sim-free rolling contracts – from just £7.50 per month. 

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotalk said: “For years we’ve all been a bit pre-occupied by the plight of the rainforests, ice caps and problems in other parts of the world. We have been mostly oblivious to our very own wildlife apocalypse, right here in our own country – a near collapse of the ecosystems that make Britain a green and pleasant land.

“I feel like saying ‘never mind the rainforests’ – though I do mind, but we have a massive problem right here in our backyard. We’ve launched Ecotalk to give people the chance to do something about this problem – we’re going to harness something as simple and ubiquitous as mobile phone use and with it reduce the loss of habitat for Britain’s creatures – great and small.

“Farming is the biggest cause of habitat loss and wildlife decline, so it’s farmland that we need to give back, to make room for nature. Rather urgently. That’s our focus.” 

Later this year, Ecotalk will expand to include landline and home broadband services – and will follow the same principles as the mobile service.

For more information about Ecotalk – visit


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