Soil Association and Ecotricity help businesses go green in Organic September

5 September 2017

Ecotricity, the world’s first green energy company, has formed a new partnership with the Soil Association in Organic September to help businesses learn more about sustainability and offer practical steps to become more eco-friendly.

The two organisations aim to inform and encourage change around wider issues of sustainability, including energy, transport, food and nature.

Employees are increasingly becoming interested in what their businesses are doing to engage in a sustainable future, and practical information can help to develop the environmental policies of thousands of businesses across Britain.

Businesses that have signed up to the Soil Association will receive weekly guides throughout Organic September, packed with useful information and features on how they can start to think about wider sustainability issues and minimise their environmental impact.

Many businesses like Riverford Organic Farmers are backing the scheme and are encouraging other businesses to go green.

Guy Watson, Riverford Organic Farmers founder, said: “Farming organically is not about doing things the easy way, but about doing things the right way and working towards a sustainable food system. We really think organic food tastes different and with fantastic produce and inspiring, creative recipes like our own we love getting more and more people to Live Life on the Veg with us.”

Clare McDermott, Business Development Director at Soil Association Certification said: “Organic September is a great time to think about sustainability in general, not just in food, and we wanted to support our businesses with the resources to do so.  Staff and customers are looking to the UK’s companies to take the lead in this area and there are fantastic examples of best practice we wanted to share.”

Will Guyatt, Head of Communications at Ecotricity added: “We’re excited to be supporting the Soil Association through Organic September and beyond. There are many simple steps businesses can take on the journey to becoming fully eco-friendly and sustainable, and switching to a 100% renewable energy supplier is just one of them.”

At the end of September, the weekly updates will be available as a free downloadable guide on the Soil Association website that can be referenced by all businesses, year round.

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