Eco Park gets "green light"

14 February 2017

A study by Stroud District Council (SDC) has identified Eco Park as the best location – based on landscape sensitivity – for future employment growth.

As part of the ongoing review of the Stroud District Local Plan, independent consultants carried out a ‘Landscape Sensitivity Assessment’ of 220 pieces of land being considered for future housing and employment. The study used a traffic light system to designate ‘landscape sensitivity’ – rating each site on a ‘Red, Amber or Green’ spectrum.

Eco Park was the only employment site given a ‘Green’ rating, after it was found to have the “lowest landscape sensitivity to employment use” of all 220 sites being considered.

The study looked at the potential impact of the 220 sites against 18 development constraints, including: Conservation Areas (SSSI, AONB), Historic Landscapes, Key Wildlife Sites, Public Footpaths, and Flood Risk.

It also assessed the “landscape sensitivity” of each site, using measures such as: scenic quality, character, rarity, tranquility, noise, visual relationship with the area or nearby settlements.

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said: “Whenever you build anything anywhere, you are going to have an impact. The important job is to get the balance right between gains and impacts.

“We always thought our site by Junction 13 was one the least impactful sites in the district and its great to see that made plain in this study by the council.”

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