For Small Businesses

The greenest outcome you can achieve is to be with Ecotricity. That's because we invest the money from your bills into building new renewable sources of energy.

The benefits for small businesses

  • An expert team of business account managers to answer your questions and all queries
  • One simple tariff or fixed pricing and no contract renewals
  • Going green is easy it's really simple to switch –  we take care of everything for you.

One simple 100% green tariff – Green Electricity

Most of our Green Electricity comes from our own windmills. It's a growing component – this year around 35% – as we keep building more sources of green electricity. The rest is topped up with somebody else’s green energy making it a 100% green tariff. 

Green Gas

For the ultimate green business – why not switch to our Green Gas too? Just as we turn Green Electricity bills into windmills we're now going to turn Green Gas bills into gasmills.

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You're in good company.

Going organic is about a way of life that goes beyond organic food. It’s about creating a sustainable future.And there’s no better way to do this than to plug into renewable energy.

Patrick Holden

Soil Association

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