Check your connector and your user manual, but if you have a BMW i3 (with rapid upgrade), Hyundai Ionic Electric, VW e-up! or VW e-golf, then you’ll need to use our DC CCS chargers.

Here’s how...

1. Starting a charge session

  • Firstly, make sure your vehicle is fully switched off.
  • The electricity pump screen will show “Welcome! To charge your car use the Electric Highway smartphone app”.
  • Then simply use the EV charging app to begin charging. You’ll need to follow the instructions until you are prompted to scan the QR codes (or enter the location ID manually) found on the front of the charging pump.
  • Using the app, select which connector to use to charge your vehicle.
  • You’ll then be prompted to confirm the stored card to use to pay for the charging session.
  • Follow the instructions on the charging pump screen, to see how to connect your vehicle.
  • There’s no mechanism to lock the cable into place, so just ensure that the connector is pushed in firmly.
  • The charge point will start the charge session once it has confirmed that the vehicle is properly connected.
  • After checking your vehicle's dashboard (where applicable) to confirm charging is in progress, you’re then able to leave your vehicle. You’ll be able to view the progress of your charging session on your app.

2. Ending a charge session

  • Once the charge has ended, “Your charge session is complete” will be shown on your app screen. At this point you can return to your vehicle to disconnect the charging cable.
  • Follow the instructions on the charging pump screen to disconnect your vehicle. Simply hang the charging cable back up and press the button below and to the right of the green tick.
  • You can then use the app to indicate that you’ve disconnected from the pump. You’ll see a screen summarising your payment.
  • You’ll then be emailed a receipt.

If you want to finish your charging session early:

  • On your app, select ‘Stop session early’.
  • You’ll be prompted to check that you’re sure you want to finish early, as you still need to pay for the session you have used so far.
  • Once you’ve confirmed finishing your session early, you can then follow the instructions on the charging pump screen to disconnect your vehicle (and the remaining steps above).

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