How to charge your electric car

We want to make EV charging faster, cheaper and greener for Britain’s drivers – which is why there are more than 300 EV charging points on the Electric Highway. If you’ve never charged your EV on the road before, or if you just need a little refresher, here’s how to charge your electric car using one of our EV charging stations.

How to charge your EV

The best way to charge your electric vehicle is to plug it in overnight to fully charge the battery at home, and top it up when you need to at one of our Electric Highway charging stations. It’s easy to use our EV charge points:

  1. Download the Electric Highway app. You’ll need this to charge your EV on the Electric Highway. It’s easy to download and set up – you can find out more about how it works here.
  2. Find your nearest pump and check its status. You can use the app to find your nearest charging station, and check if it’s available to use.
  3. Charge your EV. You’ll need to check your EV manual to see which type of charger is compatible with your car. Once you know which charger you can use, you can start and stop charging via the Electric Highway app.
  4. Pay via the app. Your payment details will be stored in the Electric Highway app when you first set it up, so paying for each charge is quick and easy.

Our Fully Charged EV tariff gives you a cheaper green electricity rate, so you can save on the cost of charging your car at home. Plus, you get half price charging on all Electric Highway pumps. You can find out more here.

Types of charger

You can charge from two basic types of charge – fast charging, which costs 30p/kWh (or 15p/kWh if you’re an Ecotricity customer), or slow charging, which is free. The type of charger you need to use depends on the make and model of your vehicle.

Fast charging

You can find fast chargers at most of our Electric Highway charging stations. They’ll charge compatible EVs from 0-80% in around 30 minutes.

 Type of charger
Vehicle modelNissanBWM i3BMW i3 (rapid upgrade)
CitroenRenaultVW e-up!
PeugotTeslaVW e-golf
MitsubishiBYDHyundai Ionic Electric

Slow charging

We don’t have many slow charging points on the Electric Highway, but those we do have are free to use.

You can charge up any electric vehicle or hybrid at our slower charging pumps, but you’ll need a slow charging cable to connect your vehicle to the pumps.

Charging times vary depending on the make and model of your EV. Here’s where to find our slow EV charging pumps: 

  • Forest Green Rovers, Nailsworth
  • Green Park, Reading
  • IKEA, Croydon
  • Charnock Richard, Northbound
  • Charnock Richard, Southbound
  • Leicester Forest, East Northbound
  • Leicester Forest, East Southbound
  • Membury, Eastbound
  • Membury, Westbound
  • Michaelwood, Northbound
  • Michaelwood, Southbound
  • Newport Pagnell, Northbound
  • Newport Pagnell, Southbound
  • Oxford, Waterstock

How to find your nearest charging point

You can find your nearest Electric Highway charging station by downloading the app, or you can check our Electric Highway map.

Electric car charging – FAQs

Q. Can I charge my car at the same time another EV is using the unit?

A. No, there’s only room for one car to charge at a time. We’re doubling up units at many of our locations though, so there should be more options coming soon.

Q. Do I have to stay at the pump for the whole charging session?

A. No, once you’ve successfully started your charge, you don’t need to wait by the pump.

Q. What happens if I end my charging session early?

A. Charging sessions usually last 45 minutes, but you can end your charging session early. Just select ‘Stop session early’ on the Electric Highway app, and you’re done.

Q. Do I need a swipe card to charge my electric vehicle?

A. You’ll need to use a swipe card if you use one of our AC Medium chargers – otherwise, you’ll need to download the Electric Highway app.

Download the app

The must-have app for electric car drivers. Gives you access to Britain’s only national network of electricity pumps – the Electric Highway.

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