At home and on the road

Green energy is the missing link for electric cars.

For an electric vehicle to really run emissions 'free', it has to be powered by green energy. And by choosing the Fully Charged bundle, you can do just that – ensuring your car is fuelled by the wind and the sun, at home and on the road.

Our energy and EV bundle makes life easy for EV drivers – removing the cost barriers of charging at home, and making charging cheaper and easier on the road too.

There are three elements to the Fully Charged bundle

  • Green Electricity + EV home energy tariff 
  • Half price use of the Electric Highway
  • An exclusive Ecotricity discount on a Rolec home charger

All together, they offer quite a bit to EV drivers – in fact, you could save £350 in your first year:

At home and on the road

At home

  • You’ll get our Green Electricity + EV tariff, saving you £120* on your electricity bills vs the standard Big 6 tariff.
  • Our partners Rolec can also install their excellent charge point in your home for the Ecotricity exclusive price of £99 – saving you £180* vs a similar home charge point. You can find out more about the Rolec Wallpod here.

On the road

  • Ecotricity customers receive a 50% discount on the Electric Highway – paying just 15p per kWh, with no connection fee or monthly subscription. For the average user, that’s roughly a £50 saving every year***.

These changes are all about making things simple for EV drivers – so that charging is faster, greener and cheaper, and opened up to even more people.

And as an Ecotricity customer, you’ll get legendary customer service and an ethical pricing policy, which means you’re always on the latest best price for your tariff.

* If you’re an EV tariff customer using the average electricity consumption of 6270kWh, you’d pay £120 less than if you had chosen the standard variable tariff (excluding discounts) of the Big Six energy companies (prices correct as of 14/11/17).

** Compared to the Chargemaster website price of £279.

*** Based on 26 charges of 13kWh per year

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