Independent help

If you've been in touch with a problem or complaint, and we've been unable to resolve it to your satisfaction, there are two independent bodies you can go to for further assistance. We've put the details and links to them below.

But if you've not yet spoken to our Customer Champion Team, you really should. We're confident that they can fix any problem you might have.

Independent advice

Citizens Advice Consumer Service is a government-funded telephone and online service offering information and advice on consumer issues. Citizens Advice Consumer Service will deal with enquiries formerly dealt with by Energy Watch and can be contacted directly on 0808 223 1133 (for Welsh speaking Consumer service call 0808 223 1144) or via their website.

This is a free and independent service that can be used at any stage in the complaints process. Residents of Northern Ireland need to contact the Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022 or via the Consumer Council website.

Independent adjudication

Ecotricity is a member of the Ombudsman Services: Energy, which provides independent adjudication to resolve issues between customers and their energy suppliers.

The Ombudsman can be contacted via their website, by calling 0330 440 1624 or by writing to:

Ombudsman Services: Energy
3300 Daresbury Park

This service is free, independent and the decision is binding for the supplier but not the customer.